High Sec DED complexes despawn mechanics


I would like to suggest a change to DED complexes despawn mechanics. There are still some DED complexes mostly 1 & 2 but there might be more where the key to activate the acceleration gate is droped in each room. Example being DED 1 & 2 sites in Angel, Guristas high secs.

The problem I keep running into in regard to this sites is that after scanning it down and arriving on it rats are gone and so is structure that contains a key to next room while at the same time no one is present in the site.

This causes the site to remain in space while being impossible to complete making players waster time and effort on scanning this sites and decreasing chances of finding a working one with each site of the same type lingering for days. Empire spaces might be big but number of DED complexes is limited. That is beside the fact that this mechanics used are obsolote making exploration of combat site time waster. You end up going everywhere just to find one site that actully works. Add on top of that randomized loot and your chances of getting anything out of this are reduced significantly. So here is my proposition how to fix this issue.

  1. Please make this site despawn after player leaves them without finishing. Simillar to how Watch and Vigil works.


  1. Maybe time have come for redesign of DED complexes and their mechanics. Its been around for so long a breath of fresh air would be nice.

Generally please do away with the mechanics that allows sites to be left in state that dosnt allow their completion and therfore reduces the pool of remaining ded sites avalibe for players.

Please let me know if this sounds like a good idea in the comments below.

Cheers o7

Or you could just carry some of the tags/keys required…?


There arent any other keys for the sites mentioned with exception of caldari DED 1 gate to second room. But I also run into those rooms cleared and site abandoned.

In logical consequence if someone runs this sites and has been forced to warp out he cannot come back and finish the job.

There arent any tags that open those gates only keys dropped within complexes.

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