Amend passkey locked gates in DED complexes

I just saw a thread about the Serpentis Phi-Outpost now needing the passkey to enter the second room. I didn’t want to re-animate the dead so put my idea here instead.

In hisec DED sites are more often PvP in a competitive sense, the race to find the site and get the loot first. The most fun I had was when somene crashed my site or I theirs.

Locked gates entirely remove this and make a risk free possible pinata room for the first to reach the site. Locked gates should either
a) be removed entirely
B) be hackable so someone can crash a site with work. Higher DED sites having harder hacks to enter.

Competition adds fun, locking that behind gates isn’t.

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I don’t understand locked gates either.

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I don’t understand why “fun” and “hisec” were used together. :poop:

:smiley: each to their own. Some prefer competition to combat.

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