Serpentis Phi-Outpost

I know this topic has already been raised but - Serpentis Phi-Outpost (4/10 LS/HS) is broken. Unless it is CCP’s intention to have a combat site wherein a player is completely safe from hunting in lowsec and competition in highsec once they have retrieved the key in the first room?

I just scanned down one of these in lowsec, went to retrieve a suitable ship to run it, refit with some tackle once I noticed someone already inside, and burned to the 2nd gate only to find myself locked out while someone completes the site in total safety. Put this one on the list of things to fix guys - it’s a pretty popular site and it shouldn’t be risk free once you’re halfway done. Risk free combat sites certainly have no place in lowsec, its already quite hard to get caught if you are competent.

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Just buy the keys. They are cheap compared to the loot you will get from the kills on the chaps who think no one can enter behind them. Some are even AFK and claim “exploits” when they arrive back to the keyboard to find themselves in a station. Don’t ask me or an alt of an alt whom I may or may not be or know how they know. Valuable time is being wasted by not having 10 of the keys in your local area of castle kicking.


ahhhh sweet tears.
Serpentis 4/10 is working as intended.
Sadly, many other sites with same approach don’t, but dont worry, CCP will never fix it in any way.

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The site is not broken, CCP changed it a couple of patches ago to work that way, claiming it was broken before.

Instancing and PvP-safe PvE is a thing now in EvE.

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It always was. Any gate restricted deadspace - safe. With the same result OP could moan he cant take his HAC in lvl 1 mission are to blap a player missioning there.
Mechanic might be different, but same principle.
So as someone said already, carry keys or go cry a river.

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I recommend just taking the key out of the next untouched site you see.
Arguably this is the best way to deal with the site anyways - the key might sell for 50mil on contract and I am not sure whether the average loot from the final boss is more valuable…

Yet another good advice :slight_smile: Will make some poor explorer cry about site not working too :wink:

Um no, gate restricted deadspace is not safe unless it requires a consumable key which is extremely limited in supply because well, its a single use consumable. This site is broken. If you can’t do combat exploration without getting ganked you need to learn to play. There’s no excuse for a lowsec combat site being safe from aggression.

The loot is not that great and I don’t even live in Serpentis lowsec so no I’m not going to buy a stockpile of these keys. I shouldn’t have to. This is something CCP can and should easily fix. Highsec DED sites are subject to competition and suspect baiting, lowsec and nullsec sites are subject to scan-capable hunters. Thats the way it works.

They aren’t 100% safe. Keys exist that will let you in. Either get there first or bring a key. This isn’t the only site (hisec or lowsec) that this happens with.

That’s the way it works.

What other site does this happen in? And even so, I don’t see how that is relevant. Do you think safe PvE instances should exist in this game?

It always did, No amount of crying will change that, or any other facet of EVE you are not happy with. but by all means, continue :slight_smile:

No. And they do not exist. No matter which way you spell it you can access the sites you speak of with a key.

Other sites you need a key to get into once the gate has been temporarily unlocked are but are not limited to,
All the “Watch” Sites for any race.
Any Cosmos site that requires the special key you can only get once per char per lifetime to get into. Yet you seem to not care about these, Or haven’t heard of them. Which is telling.

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You would be garbage at hunting people in drone 10/10s. Its part of being a good hunter just buy the required keys.

Buy them preferably from explorers you will never see inside, because they take the key just to sell it to you or the next PvPer. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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