Serpentis Phi-Outpost broken?

I’ve recently started exploring a bit more, so I’m kind of new to the whole thing. I’ve got a quick question concerning the Serpentis Phi-Outpost. Is it possible that CCP decided to make the gate-key mandatory again in order to access the second room? I was dualboxing and sliding into the second room while my drones were still on their way back to the drone bay. So I had to warp out and warp back in in order to retrieve them. However, now the game says that I need a stolen passkey in order to unlock the gate.

I’ve looked through every wreck and also checked the sealed container and could not find it, does this mean this site is 100% safe once you’re in the second room since the acceleration gate to said room can only be activated once?

From todays patch notes.

A Stolen Passkey Item is now required to access further locations within the Serpentis Phi-Outpost site


Holy f… well RIP this site then. Thanks for your quick response.

lol i missed that in notes. thx dude

Is that the 4 or 5 /10?

it’s the 4/10

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Keys being consumed once used like this is bad. Many newbies who try to run these sites will likely get locked out if they are forced to warp out once.
And I bet exploiters will start taking the keys intentionally soon and putting them on contracts like its already happening with Guristas 1/10 and 2/10s…

Some1 does 1/10 and 2/10? @_@

What the hell?? OK, where to I get that key?

BTW, this is one of the few DED sites I like to run in lowsec and kill people running … (tinfoil) is this (it’s popularity) the reason for CCP to make it safe?

I’ve had the chance to run a couple after my initial post. You get the key from the sealed container (red) and it is consumed once the acceleration gate has been used.

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What is the purpose of this change? Site is supposed to be contested not safe.

If I had to take a wild guess I’d say that before, apparently there was a bug where you did not need the key at all to unlock the gate (I think JohnnyPew mentions this in his video on this combat site), they seem to have fixed that but probably forgot to make the key not getting used up after a single use.

Even if it was a consumable key before and this was a real bug fix, I question that decision. We don’t need more safe zones in EvE, especially not in lower sec space.

Well tbf your chances of catching a DED site runner are slim anyway once he’s inside and you’re still on the outside, but maybe I’m just a bad hunter.

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