DED space combat anomaly

My idea is that after scanning and detecting a DED space combat anomaly or other type and the pilot goes through the door first, the Door should not let another pilot pass while there is one in the location. Only if the pilot is in a gang with another pilot or in a group. The idea is to avoid the lies of the pilots who come in handy and take away the prize of the first pilot. This is a controversial topic for many pilots. Some like to be dishonest, but there are pilots who will agree. Thanks for the feedback, and I hope the CCP makes that change.
This only applies to the high level security sector !
For pilots with a desire for PVP there are sectors with a low level of security and zeros + battlefields provided by the CCP!

If I’m interpreting you correctly you are asking for DED’s to be first come first served. Once one player enters the gate no other players can? If so i disagree totally. Apologies if i have picked you up wrongly.

These can be an opportunity for PVP. Which in general is good for the game. I.e. if you have destroyed the commander the wreck is yours. If someone steals that then they go suspect allowing you to attack them. In low sec its more straight forward.

Secondly it would make the sites instanced content. Almost like the abyss except even safer as many of the sites arn’t that hard and you can warp out direct to a station and not spawn back at the abyssal trace. This takes away chances for you to be scanned down and hunted. Which means less content for players everywhere.

Im sure you will find plenty of supporters in this but stuff like this in my opinion will just make New Eden a worse place

I understood your idea. The question is about the combat anomalies scanned by each pilot. Or at least this can only be done for a highly protected sector. For
PVP and similar events have a low security sector and zeros.

I disagree with this proposal. I’ve run across many DED sites which were not completed and abandoned by other pilots. I’ve always assumed the sites were abandoned because the original pilot had “bitten off more than he could chew”. From what you’ve written, those abandoned sites would remain, uncompleted, and therefore unavailable to others.

Also, especially when I was a new pilot, many times I would compete with other pilots for sites, and we would end up running the site together sharing loot. Under your proposal, this spontaneous interaction would be prohibited.

I am against isolating pilots from one another with ingame mechanics. For me, “instances”, of any type, lessen the entire MMO experience.

I agree, but it’s about something else. I wrote while there is a pilot present at the location, if he leaves and there is no level to complete it then the next pilot will have access.

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