Combat anomalies, cosmic signatures and event sites

My Main Complaint From the Perspective of a PVE pilot flying around High Sec

I know from being told from multiple sources the CCP in general have been informed several times about the subject of Event Site Stealing (without suspect timers).
When you spend hours flying through space navigating all the hostilities therein and you are lucky to find a combat anomaly, cosmic signature or event sites that is unoccupied, it’s a kick in the teeth to have completed 95% of the site as a solo/fleet only for another pilot/fleet to warp in and legally {steal} your BOSS KILL by applying the killing shot or applying more damage to it and thus owning the wreckage where the loot legally belongs to them but rightfully belongs to you as you have done all the work of clearing the site and killing all the triggers while tanking all the damage and managing all the Ewar, only for them to loot the WRECK/CAN and make off with all the ISK/LOOT without receiving a suspect timer.

It should be noted that this is not NINJA looting and i have no issue with the NINJA mechanic as i often do that my self. i do however take issue with the fact that EVENT SITES are overcrowded and people can swipe your BOSS and take the loot legally with no consequences and little effort as you/we have tanked and cleared the entire field.

i would like to see a form of site protection developed where a pilot/fleet who has cleared out FOR EXAMPLE 55% to 95% or more of the enemy are guaranteed the BOSS WRECKAGE without changing the loot table or drop rate. if the pilot disconnects or warps out for more than (lets say) 5 minutes the site is returned to its original state. this still leaves room for NINJA LOOTING and JETCAN BAITING. i feel that CCP have listened to NullSec and WH Pilots long enough and have given them all they asked for. We the PVE community are asking for a small change that will make a large difference to mission runners, event site pilots, combat site specialists, explorers and new players as they will know that their efforts are no longer in vain and that the wreckage will be theirs and LOOT IF IT DROPS will be theirs as well.

This still leaves room for NINJA LOOTING and for JETCAN BAITING, but would prevent other pilots and in this case (MY CORP), from raging out in dock about how unfair the system is currently.

This is a small and inconsequential change for over 90% of New Eden’s population and would not unfairly impact there experience as pirates or ninjas, but would have a small beneficial meaningful impact for the PVE pilots who for years have been underpaid and under appreciated and called carebears. everyone started off in highsec.

On a personal level, I feel that this should be the focus of Senior Player Researcher Payal and her team. The level of frustration and player unhappiness it creates falls firmly within her remit, and perhaps redirecting some of your internal resources away from GUI and ship/pos skins and cosmetic touch ups to more tangible and meaningful gameplay mechanics for the community would be better served.

For too long now PVE/Mission Runners/Ratters have been ignored, underserved and under valued. Market inflation has overshot Rat Bounty & Mission completion Rewards and LP awards. The LP market is stagnant and other than for personal use the items are mostly (not in all cases) unable to turn a profit on the wider market, especially for new bros.
In many cases it’s cheaper to buy the faction item from a large trade HUB than it is to exchange LP, ISK + original item to create said faction item. So then I ask you, WHAT IS LP GOOD FOR?

Once again I will state i am not looking to change the PVP aspects of New Eden of which i enjoy, but i am looking for a small, meaningful change to the way that combat sites and bosses are awarded.
In addition to that i would like to see Pilot Security Status be a meaningful mechanic that awards X% addition isk to your mission agent rewards and ratting bounties.

Example: sec status -10 to 0.0 = base rate

Example: sec status +1 = 1% over base rate

Example: sec status +10 = 10% over base rate

This would also apply to LP rewards, and would stack with existing skills as dependent upon piloting style.

Essential treating Pilot Security Status as an Income Modifier x Base Rate. it would be difficult to abuse and it would reward mission runners and PVE pilots with a small but meaningful and tangible increase to income and make Security Status a much more relevant game mechanic.

these are only the musings of one small but dedicated pilot who loves the game immensely.

i now open the floor to the citizens of New Eden.
many thanks

Why should my local contact care about my sec standings?
Do you want us to get used to be rewarded for being a good boy? That’s not New Eden style :wink:

I admit: Losing the boss to other players is annoying, especially for players with less SP in weaker T1 ships who worked hard to get this far.


I whole heartedly agree, it doesn’t make sense to run event sites when contesting them takes almost no work. And its usually the richest players stealing the final boss wreck from less experienced newbros who have done all the work but are then in danger of leaving the game. When it happens I mark the scum orange so I can see them coming next time. And there are plenty of next times.


It’s an easy fix fit a warp disruptor and pvp fit and do the site’s when the boss dies take the loot if he last hit the boss you still take the loot and then if he attacks you just blow him up? Problem solved.

Or just go to low sec / null sec where there is lots of sites sitting open ready to be explored.

There is aggression mechanics available to you in high sec for a reason it isn’t safe sec use it.

Problem not solved. One intermediate pilot in a modest ship can’t do anything against a fleet of blinged up moneybags plonkers

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Start taking names of all your opponent’s, study them find their weak spot’s do some math sit and strategize and when you find a way to defeat them Eve will feel 100x better than you have ever felt in Eve.

Where there is a will there is a way:

Defeated a loki with a frigate once:

expecting New Bros to know or learn advanced game mechanics and learning how to use third party tool and sites is hardly a fix for player retention. yes that’s the goal and the aim of getting new bros to play that way but it shouldn’t be the only way. we should be incentivising new players and protecting them, even returning players and pilots who wish to test out ship builds on the live server as we all know that the test server doesn’t quite reflect the reality’s of new eden.

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you cant sort a problem by flying away from it and going to a region where said problem doesn’t exist. it still exists and it affects all new bros and many high sec pilots. LOW/NUL/J are not the only game play styles supported by CCP nor are they the only ones promoted.

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No thank you.

i made this recomendation to GM Icecream, he has given me permission to post his comments here.

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Was worth a try, maybe one new bro gets to love pvp becuase of it.

Seems simple. When someone starts taking your stuff you should be able to shoot them. Here there seems to be a problem with idea of “your stuff.”

But any site that allows multiple folks to enter it, is a multiple person site. Oh well.

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There is a solution btw look at serpentis 4/10 you defeat the first room and you get a key once you get the key and use it the gate stays open for 30 seconds if someone is in the room with you and you have the key you just wait til they leave use it on the gate and no one can enter afterwards unless they go to a trade hub and buy another key but its 40mil and not worth it.

so its possible to implement this type of thing to other sites in high.

But that also has a negative if you go into the last room but can’t kill the boss and warp out there is no second atempt.

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