Angels Red Light District Nerf?

Has anyone noticed the salvage and loot being nerfed/reduced significantly in the Angel’s Red Light District escalation recently? Months ago, I could, on occasion, get close to 500 million ISK in salvage running the site. In the last 30 to 40 times I’ve run it, I was lucky to break 100 million. Just curious if anyone else has noticed. I can’t find anything in the Patch notes or online about it.

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Probably RNG. Commanders spawns generate t2 salvage so your probably got lucky drops. Like intact armor plates or something. Still 500 mil in salvage from like 10 BS and some cruisers is almost impossible. You must be adding actual rare drops from site.

Thanks for the input. I don’t recall ever getting T2 salvage from a Red Light District though, but I have gotten faction loot which seems to be reduced lately. Also, not sure if we’re talking about the same site. In the Red Light Districts I’ve run, there aren’t any spawns, just 3 rooms with a total of 18 battleships, 30 or so cruisers/battle cruisers, 40 or so frigates and 20 or so sentries. The loot I’m talking about comes from the Angel’s Retirement Home in the 3rd room. The loot used to be an 18th Tier Overseer’s Personal Effects, along with the possibility of up to several faction Gistum items and a possible Cynabal blueprint. Now, 5 out 6 times, all I’d get is the 18th Tier Overseer’s Personal Effects. 9 out of 10 times I get the Overseers effects along with some cheap faction item like a Gistum B-Type Medium Remote Shield Booster but that’s it. I haven’t seen a single Gistum B-Type Multispectrum Shield Hardener in the last 30 to 40 times I’ve run it which I used to get much more frequently (once or twice every ten times I’d run it). As for the rare drops from the 1st room, those actually seem to have increased a little but they’ve typically been Domination loot worth around 50 million or so. Maybe I’ve just been playing too long.

We know for certain the drops in EVE are governed by RNG.
We don’t know if there are stealth nerfs.

So if you have less loot than before, is it because of RNG? Or is it because of RNG and stealth nerfs?

I’ll follow Occam’s razor and assume it’s RNG only.

The value of combat exploration loot has gone down over the years and as I doubt that’s due to demand the next reason is supply: more people are doing it and/or people are doing it better, probably due to the agency.

I still make good money with it and EVEN with the value drop I’d say the isk/h is on par. So if anything…

If it were true the prices of those items would have gone beyond sky and further.
If something is easy to get its becoming worthless (t1 salvage with easier and easier salvaging).
If something gets harder to obtain and less available prices will rise.

Its a nice QOL to have easy salvage but on the other side because its so easy now its not even worth doing it. It was better before when salvaging was a real profession.

So acutally its better to have those items scarce cause if they arent its not worth your time searching for them.

Since I started to play this game early in 2017, I noticed two major nerf phases to PVE exploration content: summer 2018 and spring 2020 (since scarcity era). In 2017 the loot was way-way better than now. I can’t say anything about recent changes, because I rarely logged in during the last 4 months. All content (even Abyss) was nerfed, which were reported by many different players. Maybe were not nerfed only the non Faction Warfare missions.

I see why someone is pointing out that the loot and RNG is completely OK. You know, the loot RNG distribution algorithm is completely dynamic and dependent on a set of factors, as I understand. The EULA states that we can’t talk about these findings, right? But I can say only about the next very little thing. While you are doing combat or Data/Relic exploration, pay attention to your cargo assets price. Initially its cost can be like 55 788 988 ISK and as soon you’ll loot a wreck or a relic can, the loot will be such that your new cargo price will be set to exactly 100 000 000 ISK and further (after 2 hours of farming) you’ll get your cargo price set exactly to 200 000 000 ISK.

Anyway, all that content is not worth your risk/reward and time I’d say. I haven’t run DED 6/10 sites for a very long time now. Just log in, do a few Abyss runs or Burner missions and log out I’d say.

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@Dracvlad @Ramona_McCandless

Thanks, seems most of the posters in this thread are either newbs or alts, definitely no recognizable names. Obviously the only way they can refute my statement is by demanding I post proof. Oh and of course flag replies…

Anyway, I’ve been a PvE player doing exploration and missions for over 13 yrs now. Any PvE player who’s been here as long as I have knows the loot tables have been constantly nerfed. Like I said earlier, use to find 3/4’s of wrecks holding loot and I’m not talking about Metal Scraps. Now you’re lucky to find 1/5th of the wrecks holding loot, most of which is Metal Scraps.

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@OP - I’d say you are just lucky, because months ago, I had an instance of 3 consecutive runs where I get nothing special at all except the guaranteed Overseer’s Effect.

My guestimated average usually just hovers between 100~150M including everything, full clear + salvage.

BTW, you didn’t do this enough, Captain Rouge almost ALWAYS gives you T2 Salvage (sometimes faction Module - Medium Size) :stuck_out_tongue:

This morning I made 390 mil in 35 mins, doing 2 different sites. Well above average, obviously, but so far I found that the overall income hasn’t really changed since 2014.

3. Post constructively.

I’m glad you didn’t close this topic. you are the opposite of your friend ISD Crooked Hands that specializes in closing. Respect and keep going.

Kind regards. V th column.

Stealth nerfs are easier BECAUSE of the rng. If you roll for an item with x amount of chance to drop and if that roll lands in a range that’s true, then the roll responsible for the item to drop will go. If it lands true then the item is there. However, because IT IS rng, the range for it being true can be between say 50 and 100. Now if you wanted to decrease the drop rate of an item you can take either roll and decrease that range thus stealth nerfing loot tables. Simply put.

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Back in the day I used cargo fit thrashers specifically for looting mission wrecks because back then it paid well. With the introduction of the noctis is when these prices started to fall. Though the noctis is a good ship at what it does and prices being cheaper in general is good for the health of the game since that means noobies won’t be paying crazy prices for gear or ship mods. Though it’s clear which mods are high in demand though.

Yes, but why would I assume lower drops to be a result of RNG + stealth nerfs, rather than RNG alone?

Why do you assume that I assume what you assume?

No I’m assuming you’re assuming conspiracy-level extra unnecessary factors for something that could easily be explained solely by RNG.

Well, if it was ever done it’d evade your perception. That’s for sure.