EDENCOM Gunstar loot removed/ damage increased?

After the winter event I began killing some EDENCOM heavy gunstars to fix my heavily negative triglavian standings. As a bonus I found that the gunstars drop loot required in the manufacture of EDENCOM ships: Hyperbolic metatransistor arrays, electromagnetic metaprismatic sheetings and ultraconductive ablative nanocables. This was great as I plan to make some EDENCOM ships eventually.

I’m not sure when, maybe in the latest patch, but it seems that the gunstar loot has been removed entirely and their damage increased. This is a real bummer and I was wondering why this change was left off of the patch notes IF it was intentional at all. The icon of the the gunstars is an ‘!’ much like the MTUs were during the winter event. Even when they are salvaged, they don’t seem to yield any EDENCOM salvage. I sense something amiss.

I would like some explanation so I am not searching for gunstars needlessly. Will they still drop loot or are they just empty cans with no salvage from now on?

Thanks. I hope this change wasn’t on purpose because it really makes it way less fun to pop those gunstars now.

Who can say? I don’t remember seeing anything in the patch notes, but CCP has made stealth changes in the past. In fact, I once heard a dev say something along the lines of that they sometimes like to make stealth changes so that player behavior isn’t influenced by knowledge of the change.

Anyway, it’s possible that it’s a bug, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they were trying to give people more of a reason to go to Pochven. Dorito space has a bunch of restrictions for those that have poor trig standings. So, making killing edencom in Pochven more lucrative would give players something worthwhile to do that wouldn’t also make the space hard to live in.

Sucks for you, but this is probably a good change. IDK, perhaps you should consider exploring some of what Pochven has to offer. You likely have decent trig standings, so it should make Pochven life a lot easier for you.

Nope. I’m an idiot. I was killing HEAVY gunstars the second time.
It was the regular gunstars that dropped the loot. Tell me how that makes sense.
Please close this thread as I a moron.

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