Edencom GunStars. Why not scrape it?

So these GunStars, sit at Gates, Planets, Belts and do… nothing ?

  • They don’t engage average NPC Pirates
  • No Trig HS Roams - No reason for GunStar
  • The Trig Capsuleer Community is so small and the chances of this absolutely minority wanting to go to HS belts to mine is so slim that the chance of a GunStar actualy killing anything is pretty much 0.

Since their Introduction EdenCom GunStars have killed less than 80 ships.

And no… The GunStar cant help counter any Suicide Ganking either.

They stand as sad reminders of CCPs habit of leaving half arsed content and unfinished storylines.

It is time to stop coping about muh Edincum (Still useless ships too) and muh Troglolians and move beyond the failure that is the so called triglavian story arc. Scrape it.

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I agree, turn them up and EVERYONE without +1.0 to Edencom should get smeared


But isn’t the whole point of Edencom to protect innocent people? Just because you didn’t take up arms against their enemies doesn’t mean you’re not innocent.

Those who do nothing are guity through lack of resistance and should be vapourised.

Thats how we do it down Gammel way.

unless Edencom are weak compared to Triglavia

OOOH Triglavia
Our country reeks of trees
Our Yaks are REALLY large
And they smell like rotting beefcarcasses

And the buzzards they soar overhead
And poisonous snakes will devour us whole
Our bones will bleach in the sun


There are edencom guustars in edencom systems, and there are werposts in trig medium victory systems outside Pochven. Every side gets their own gateguns. If you remove one, why not remove the other?

Zkill doesnt report all the kills.

It’s a perfect target to fix triglavian standing if you have high positive to Edencom . Destroying one gunstar gives 0.033 or 0.038 towards triglavians. So, I f you working towards triglavian standing (with high edencom) you are going to Pochven and destroying gunstars. In January - destroying gunstar never triggered roaming fleet - so it was relatively harmless target (plus 8 mil in loot)

The problem is that Trig lovers can get that positive standing and have positive standing with Trigs. That alone made anything Edencom did worthless and invalidated anything and everything people fought for for Edencom in terms of long lasting and tangible consequences for Trig lovers.

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No, the problem is Edencom was set up as a losing propostion from the start.

Just because you dont like one side is no reason not to make being in both better than being in neither.

I think it should not be possible to gain positive Edencom standing by just shooting Poochvent Rogue Drones or Drifters if you have positive Trig standing. You should be able to gain Edencom standing up to -1.0 with these unaffiliated parties, but In order to gain positive Edencom standing, you have to shoot triglavians. That would reintroduce sorely lacking consequences for people who support invaders and it would give certain Edencom systems their roles back.


Thats fair

Charged by EDENCOM’s Provost Marshal Kasiha Valkanir to develop a potent defense platform to aid in the fortification of New Eden’s star systems, the Upwell Consortium collaborated with a number of the core empires’ key weapons development corporations and came up with the GunStar.:sweat_smile:
At least it looks good on paper.

Heavily shielded and armored, and bristling with enough weapons to rival top-of-the-line battleships, the EDENCOM GunStar will be deployed throughout New Eden to bolster the defenses of systems beleaguered by Triglavian invaders.:roll_eyes:


They’ve killed way more than 80 ships lmao. You sure you’re not reading that wrong?

Also, I’m pretty sure zkill eventually deletes NPC only killmails, or at least makes them unlisted or something.

besides zkill only post kills of people who gave them the api permission
most carebears don’t bother to do it
if you apear on a killmail on zkill and PVP is not your thing its because the guy who killed you gave permission for HIS killmails

And which belts might these be, just asking for a friend :stuck_out_tongue:

If you unfortunately spent time opening the pochven gates before they gave them to everyone for free then the gunstars do attack you and do pretty hefty damage. How do I know this? I will let you guess.

Zkill never deletes a killmail.

+1 more

Quality, not quantity.


Yeah, I think I meant rather, when you search for what an NPC entity has killed, it’ll only show you the first 10 pages or so. Or at least that’s what happened the last time I tried to look that far for the Triglavian rats.

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