A burner question

Hello ! Sorry for this question that was asked around august on those forums. But it did not get answered and did not feel like unhearthing the post.
The question revolves around L4 and burner spawn rates, i am wondering if ccp did some undocumented tweaks on their spawn rates.

I just chained 37 missions, received only 3 burners and 2 blitzable missions.
2 were talos
1 was a succubus

While i would admit burner farming was silly in the past. I come to wonder ? Did they get nerfed or is it more catastrophic bad luck on my side ?
Thank you for your inputs and infos you will share !

I don’t think burner rates were nerfed, I am getting plenty when I run lvl 4’s. I would guess your having some bad luck, but I could be wrong.

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