Hidden L4 Changes?

Anyone know if there were some recent changes to any L4 missions? Maybe I just had a bad evening. I didn’t play much but a couple missions seemed fairly different

The Assault Blitz

  • Gate -> Gate -> Kill 2nd group in back, never flagged mission as completed Done this tons and never had a problem before. Not sure what the mission objective said in the past, but it currently says kill all enemy ships, guess i’ll have to wait until I get this mission again to give it another whirl

Angel Base
Dramiels were 2x@ 3000km 2x@10km immediately on warp in. This was closest to warp point I’ve ever seen them, started taking damage right away. Also noticed they were not targeting my drones, had to overheat hard to stay alive where droves usually soak up some damage and get popped quick by the NPCs, they all stayed alive this battle, never had to move any from bay into drone hold or anything, WEIRD

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Was marked as resolved today.

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Nice, so that explains The Assault, seen or heard anything about Angel Base burner?

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No. But as far as I remember there were several posts in the recent past that the burner missions were stealth buffed. Lots of people lost ships and couldn’t explain why it happened. That happened either with Lifeblood or before.

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If it were up to me all missions would be procedureally generated and wouldn’t be so predictable anyway.


Just did 2 back to back and same issues. Funny thing is, it doesn’t complete even if you take a marauder in and clear all the pockets. Sucks that declining a mission lowers your faction standing less then quitting a mission. Lost nearly 1 whole point of faction standing from having to quit two The Assaults that won’t complete. Glad they “tested” and marked it resolved lol

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No issues for me with the Angel Base. I’ve run it several times in the past couple of days and I can say I’ve never had that happen before.

What fit are you rolling for it aswell?

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I find players tend to be much less predictable and far more interesting prey. That said, they also tend to be much more likely to kill you as them than rats for the same reason.

Truth be told, I agree PvE is far too predictable…it’s bad enough all I need is to simply look at the name of the mission and, sometimes, an icon on the briefing window and from that alone know exactly what I"m gonna do step by step for the next ten minutes. Even Dread Pirate Scarlet, the closest thing to random as for missions I’ve ever done, I’ve gotten down to a freaking science.

On the other hand, missions are not the only form of PvE in Eve and I imagine CCP would settle for maintaining it that way. Why would they risk getting almost assuredly yelled at by us by altering missions in such a way? Missions, while static in nature, remain equally consistent in income for most and without the riggers of being overly stressful or requiring others/alts to do them. Personally, I’m not interested in working with a crowd myself (ironic, isn’t it?) but I also sometimes struggle with agreeing with missions’ scripted nature. The best thing I can offer is to do what I’ve started doing…trying anything else I can when I can.

Attack of the Drones used to be blitzable by killing a certain group (the point of the diamond, for those who know), but now you need to kill everything.

CCP have absolutely killed L4 missions. LP is down around 20/30% right across the board (since 2011). Missions you used to be able to blitz by spawning one reinforcement wave are no longer possible (attack of the drones, gone beserk). You’ve then got groups of npc pulling aggro on their own for no reason, so you have to kill them before you warp out.

Whoever at CCP is responsible for this, is a massive cockwombling thundercunt. You want people to move out to null, well i want to go to null. But i want to buy a couple of jump freighters before i do for logistics. Every god dam nerf though to highsec is more time I’m trapped in this shithole. So plz shove your nerf bat right up you’re ■■■■■■■ arse CCP and leave things alone. We got the message loud and clear you hate your own customers that live in highsec and we should all move to null.

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This was an accident; the devs fixed it quickly upon discovery. All burner missions should be back to normal.

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Very weird the distance the ships were; that’s never happened before to me (I’ve run it 2-3 times in the last 48 hours.) I’d chalk it as a bizarre one-off until it happens again.

Angel Base, historically (both from my experience and reading others’ encounters) has been hit-or-miss on how much drone aggro you get. Sometimes I’ll come away with 0 of 10 drones alive, sometimes 2-3, and last night I came away with 5(!!). Yup, you are right - if they don’t take the bait, OH on the tank / rep mods seems to be the only option. Last night I got hit down to 30% armor and then they started going after drones. (I never turned OH on my repper; just the hardeners until 2 out of 4 drams are dead.)

So yeah, drone aggro seems very inconsistent. Don’t count on it, but it should “usually” occur.

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