Changes to Burner Talos mission

Hey all! So something strange happened and I just want to know if anyone has done a burner Talos mission in the last few days. I did one in a blaster harpy on Friday, but last night on Sunday I could break the Talos’s armor tank. I did it several times before with the exact same fit. Furthermore in the clone I had last night I had a 5% rof and tracking implant which I did not have previous time when I ran the mission.

I checked the patch notes and didn’t see any changes posted. I also checked the Neocom app on my phone and cross referenced it with what the Talos’s resistances in game by hitting info on my overview. The Neocom app has the thermal and kinetic resistances at 24 %, however in game they were at 59%.

That seems to be the only explanation. But I wanted to see if anyone else had the same experience of being able to run the Serpentis anomic base with a harpy within the last week and now unable to do it.

Resistances were always at 58,6% EVE - Entity: Burner Talos . Cannot help you with the Harpy, i do it with a Deimos.

Thanks for the link. I wasn’t sure about the accuracy of what I was referencing because it didn’t show a date for the info. I guess I’m back to square one then for why this doesn’t work anymore.

Check combat logs, it could be rare case when you shoot less turrets than you have.

Thanks. I will have to check it out. Can I still see it eve though it was last night?

You can look under Documents\EVE\logs\Gamelogs if you have windows

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