Alpha clone burner missions?

ive been trying to find some info on what kind of ships to use for level 4 burner missions. seems like all the guides/info ive found lack proper coverage on alpha clone abilities (especially now with the current AC patch)

has anyone tried doing a burner mission in an alpha clone? any information/fittings that can be provided? im aware a lot of them use faction ships with faction mods, over heating, and a little luck but im curious to know if there has been any success without going down that road.


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I’ve been testing diffrent fits and faction ships, but it’s really hard. Been testing fits with stabs just to gfto
when they’re got me in low sheilds/armor.

I like that they’re hard but i don’t see how alpha clones could ever do anomic agents. Anomic team in the other hand are easy.

just test them on the testserver.

so far i tested a polarized garmur vs teams. it lacks with range and a bit of dps. was still doable with 2 of them but took way longer as with omega.

sucubbus vs angel dramiel works fine.

vigilant vs angel base should also work with 3 webs but not tested yet.

daredevil should also work against the burners it was used before.

chainsaw tested also a few. think he will post sooner or later.

agents went 3/5 but never actually tried anything on the other two, they may be doable.

teams went 2/4 but ECM garmur should work on all of them, it’s just inconstant as you rely on the rng of ECM

bases need more testing, guessing some 100mn Cruiser will make the serp base work, and vigilant will still work for angel base, then probably skip blood/gurista bases. but I can’t make any promises there.

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