Dual Boxing Burners?

So I passed on an angel burner earlier, eyes bleeding from 4 hours of running 3 clients (idk how I use to run 8 without crack cocaine), I also did not find any good resources in the first Google search and here i am asking the second best thing, eve forum.

  1. Can you bring 2 frigs in there?
  2. Anyone run burners like that?
  3. Can you do it in basic-bitch fits? Because I’m #BasicBitch

If so, can you provide an example of any? I got the angel one was interested in that one particularly because I like killing dramiels.

Search result for “burner guide” with the forum search.

Search results for “eve online burner guide” with §randomsearchengine$.

You really are a #basicbatch. :thinking:

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Yes, you can take multiple ships in there. I don’t run them, but you need to be careful with those online guides - CCP rebalances the burner missions from time to time. You warp in there with the fits that used to work and you might get popped. Burner missions were introduced to give advanced PVE players something to tinker with. It seems like most people fine-tune their bling fits for those missions on the test server before they apply them on Tranquility.


It’s a good idea for team burners, as it allows your alt to bring ECM to the field (in a mwd ecm T1 griffin), and make the two RR move away, therefore allowing you to focus on the burner faster. Even if you miss one jam cycle, the time the RR comes back the burner is dead.

Another case is, if you have several agents in the same place, and can do all the missions with the same fits. eg in null sec, where you can have like 3 L4 agents in the same station. This allows you to have a 2DPS, 1CUP … hu one rep team, and ti’s faster than doing each mission one after the other and changing fit. You can even have fits available in the station of each system, and warp from one to another in fleet inties : you accept all the missions that go in system with a station, then set your route, in each system you dock in station, change fit, do the 1-3 missions in the system, switch back to inties, go next route, and when it’s done you just come back to agents and validate your whole 3* 3 missions at once. Don’t forget to share rewards :slight_smile:

In HS, with only 1 or 2 agents in a station, it’s not really worth it. The time you do that, you can do more missions by splitting your team, and each toon doing his own mission in his own dedicated fit. Unless of course you have bad skills and or ■■■■ fits, in that case you need to do that just to complete the mission.

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