Burner missions appearance rate?

So Im a little ***ed off at how random the burner missions seem to appear.

I invested around 3.5 bil into ships to run them with and so far I’ve only been getting normal missions, pushing on my 15th shitty normal mission in a row now…

Is there a confirmed rate at which burner missions tend to appear or is it completely and utterly random ?

Having only one hour per day to afford on pve to fund my smalltime pvp, Im beginning to think I should’ve joined the abyssal bandwagon, or forced on using alts to increase my chances of burner mission drops… urgh…

Any clues ? Ideas ? Help ?


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What is the security status of your mission system, I think the lower the sec the higher the spawn rate is of them.

It’s a 5.0

That’s your problem right there, go to low sec or npc null and you will get a but load of them. One in every 2 or 3 missions.

An alternative solution is that get your social skill to level 5 and use a 75 booster and mass decline mission’s since you get 0 standing loss with those 2 combo’ed, but they are abit expensive right now.

75 booster ?

Isk is not a problem, if the return is worth it.

One sec will log in and check, make sure your biology skill is 5 as well to get maximum duration out of the booster.

The name of the booster is called Impetus Potency-75 Glamourex Booster (100mil), you can get the cheaper one “” -50 “” (38mil) for a small standing hit after each decline.

1 Booster lasts 24 hours, 48 hours with Biology V, you can easily make that back in 48 hours.

OP clearly stated, that he can play PvE only one hour a day. What point for the 100 m + booster?

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He can easily use the cheaper 38mil one then which lasts 2 day’s 2 hours for him and get that standing back by finishing the burner’s, He can also if he so chooses to stack 4 days worth of 1 hour’s into one and use the other day’s one hours doing other things he needs done and so on if possible.

Also you have no idea how much burners make otherwise you wouldn’t have said a 100mil booster isn’t worth 2 hours :].

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I’ll give it a shot, thank you.

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Since you only have one hour a day, I would recommend moving to Lanngisi and running SOE missions. You can - assuming your Social skills are good enough - run burners, blitz certain missions, decline the rest and still maintain enough standing to keep going - without boosters. Here’s a guide that lists the blitz-able missions and provides other useful info:

You have to run at least some of the blitzes to maintain standing. Lanngisi is particularly good for your purposes because most missions are only a couple jumps away and thus can be run relatively quickly. LP and money is good since true sec is .46121 - with Security Connections V and Negotiation V you get 14K LP and 6mil-ish in rewards per Burner mission (plus bounties and drops).

If you don’t want to do that, you can always move to a system with multiple Level 4 agents nearby and farm missions. Korama, Gekutami, Dabrid, Lustrevik and Torrinos all (I think) have 3 L4 Sec agents in system. Korama and Gekutami each have at least a dozen L4 agents within 5 jumps. This takes more time of course but you can still make decent bank.


Thanks, that’s where I actually am based atm. Its a great little pocket.

But Ive had no luck with burners lately, pushing on my 20th mission just now without one popping up.

Not really sure what’s going on.

Im getting Social trained all the way so I can try those boosters and just mass decline missions without too much hit.

As a wise man once said: RNG will RNG. I have, unfortunately, had a few streaks like that myself. It’s really demoralizing. Run the blitzes - they’re quick and help a lot - and it’ll come around eventually.

Good luck.

Give me some of your “bad luck”, please. I do not want to see these crappy missions at all but sometimes my agents inundate me with them.

yep, sometimes no luck.

recon, cargo delivery are easy to do to avoid the small agent standing loss.

Remember you can mass decline as long as your standing with agent/corp is >-2 and standing wirh faction is above 5. I always accept the MWP storyline because the standing gain is low, the mission is fast provided you have a miasmos in the agent station fitted with inertial stabs and hyperspatial plus a fast ship in your burner station to get there.

Also remember to use specific fast ships for scarlet (hyper arty mach), zazzmataz (buffer raven with thermal hardener, mwd and tractor), pirate invasion(mjd mach or torpedo raven), etc.
those are very interesting missions too, on par with team burners and better than bases/agent blood in term of total isk/h


Sorry to resurrect this but since the majority of the answers was on mars 20 which also is/was my birthday, i have a go:
Lanngisi is not an 0.5 sec system it just appears to be one due to rounding. In fact Lanngisi is a 0.46121 system which is as low a system can be and not being in lowsec.
There are a couple other systems in Metropolis area that have similar characteristics.
Source for the real truesec of a system: http://evemaps.dotlan.net/region/Metropolis.
Hoover over sec for system of choice and see what the real true sec are.

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