Burner mission isk per hour?

As the title states what is the average isk per hour for running burner mission ??

I’m not sure how you would do this. Burner missions show up mixed in with other lvl 4 security missions. If you refuse all the non-burner missions you will soon lower your status to the point where you can’t take lvl 4 missions any more. If you accept the non-burner missions they will take the vast majority of your time and ISK.

Depends on sec.stat, LP and drop. In HS is around 170-180m / hour.

you use your faction standings to maintain use of the agent, declines barely touch your faction standing, just need to keep agent standing above -2 after skills. You can effectively run nothing but burner missions. I mix in a few normal missions as they pay really well, but I really don’t need to.

sounds like a conservative estimate. I was agreeing with the 200m/hr range a few months back when SoE LP was a bit lower. Now SoE LP is up in the short term that should boost incomes up higher.

Ah. I learned something new. I thought refusing too many missions hammered faction and corp standing. Good to know it doesn’t.

okay so you must chose a burner mission. All aburner missions are different
You also must chose an agent.
You also need to know your skills, fit, and implants.
And know how much LP you are going to make per day average.


  1. from the agent you can deduce the corporation, the system and its constellation
  2. from corporation you can deduce the isk/lp for given daily average
  3. from system you can deduce the bonus multiplier to mission rewards (lp and isk)
  4. from burner you can deduce the average static isk (5M per burner, plus loot drop) and indexed isk/lp reward
  5. from fit you can deduce travel time/jump.
  6. from constellation you can deduce average jump
  7. from 5. and 6. you can deduce average travel time
  8. from fit you can deduce time to kill (ttk) that is time to take gate kill burner and loot it.
  9. from 7.+8. + constant value you an deduce the time to mission (decline missions to get a burner, do mission, repair ship if needed)
  10. from 2., 3. and 5. you can deduce the average converted isk per mission
  11. isk/h = 10. / 9.

This is an approximate answer to your question. various burners have various data, eg ttk can range from 40s I think for angel/sansha agents to 7min for talos, 4:40 for blood agent. Constellations jumps can vary widely, and to say the truth I got many data but can’t predict the average jumps as it is strange to say the least - eg some systems have very low destination rate with no reason I can find of.
Also static burner reward (5M+loot) depends on where you do the mission since the loot drops are … strange too.

not even taking into account the fact that the way you define the isk/lP and your time to sell those items varies widely
statistically if I could do only do specific burners I could reach the 250M/h but average minimal number of burners I think the best I could find is 180M/h. Maybe with more blinged ship/implants/ better skills I could do more. Full officer burners maybe ?

Barely touches faction, does some hit to corp, and the agent standings swing pretty wildly, but at low standings the gains are far bigger than the losses so you slowly drop down and get big upswings for finishing a mission.

Also My previous post relies on using the lanngisi SoE agent, the constellation layout minimizes travel time so you waste less time warping around. Most other agents will send you more jumps which will slow your completion times down typically a few mins per mission.

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