Lvl 4 mission rewards

havent done missions in years (maybe 7 or more). whats the reward like for them?

haven’t changed much…

some structures have changed where they don’t drop faction loot (the few that did)

rewards/bonuses for finishing missions are nothing to write home about.

some missions that were worth it to get certain loot like the Drone AI’s are not worth it like they used to be.

burners are difficult but can pay some decent payouts and standings…

blitzing is going to be where its at if you want to make isk on the missions.

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ok but like, whats the base pay and the bonus? still like 4m for both?

Not 4mil

Most L4’s pay maybe a total of 1.5 total for both

Most of the raw isk in level 4 missions come from bounties but that means full clears or doing burners.

The LP is worth more than the ISK rewards. Full clearing (bounties) also just became more viable with the Marauder changes.

what the ■■■■. what did they change now…

Many years back after they killed drone loot poop ore drops they came after the meta loot drops. Miners were complaining mission runners were melting down the tons of crap meta. Which…we were lol. When the market low ballers are buy ordering for stupid low prices you melt t down and make more off the minerals.

The irony of they nerfed stuff to make the miners happy…then nerfed rocks for the miners later on is kind of hard to ignore lol.

So unless you have indy char to work the salvage you blitz this for the lp’s. Have the indy? You work the angles of you full wipe, salvage the whole joint and work that.

Even in the death machines marauders you blitz really. See the complete with a pocket or 2 still up…you leave. Personal call but sometimes its not worth the MJD drop in and shotgun them blaster style for me in kronos. I may want the lp reward and to see what is next up.

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The change I was talking about specifically was that marauders were buffed recently to do a lot more damage and a few other tweaks. Marauders tend to be the ship of choice for full clearing.

To clarify I don’t mean it became more viable than blitzing, it just became more viable than it was. Blitzing still makes more isk but full clearing has certain benefits like dogtags.

The reason blitzing makes more is you complete missions more often and get the LP reward more often. The LP can be worth anywhere from 1-4000 isk per LP (typically).

You can see what your LP is worth here: LP Store - Return on ISK

IMO the way to do it is tractor beam/salvager on the marauder and just salvage large wrecks. Focus on blitzing, but grab what you can while doing it and dont worry about getting every single wreck. I think it’s the best of both worlds, and the ship has the slots for it so why not.


Here’s a random sample of some l4’s.

12,762,317 Total Isk… 55,968,559.0110634 ISK per hour was earned running Pirate Invasion in a Vargur

13,219,282 Total Isk… 92,546,243.1246597 ISK per hour was earned running DPS in a Vargur

20,868,000 Total Isk… 92,845,741.5551095 ISK per hour was earned running The Damsel In Distress in a Paladin

34,107,000 Total Isk… 100,643,023.982758 ISK per hour was earned running Gone Berserk in a Paladin

Those ISK to LP conversions are all at about 1000, whatever the buy orders are at. In other words no market PvP, dump and insta-sell. Full clears on everything but Dread Pirate Scarlet.

I ran them in marauders obviously, but the totals are a good benchmark that you can adjust to your completion times.

The LP is worth a lot if you create sell orders and micromanage them. So you get a lot of money but you spend a lot of time.

If you consider your alt’s time investment in that you’ll find it drops your isk per hour and becomes about that of full clears plus salvage. I watch one of the main mission blitzers streamers, they CAN make 600 mil an hour, but the monthly average came out to 120M/hr for multiple accounts.

Damn those numbers are abysmal. It kind of blows my mind people are willing to train for months and pay billions on a shiny ship that barely cracks 100 mil/hr.

That same ship could be doing dedsites, pirate missions, anomalies, or sleeper sites.

The takeaway here, imo, is don’t buy a Marauder for lvl 4s. In fact, don’t do the lvl 4 battleship missions. You can make more isk with less of a time and money investment doing abyss runs, exploration, expeditions, etc.

are you serious ?

Yes… Why not?

Those numbers are abysmal compared to other activities that require time investment outside of said activities, especially sleeper sites.

Intellectual dishonesty at its finest is quoting how much ISK per hour you make running sleeper sites where the formula is “ISK value in my hold”/time spent shooting x’s= profit". Anyone that honestly thinks that is dumb AF.

IDK why you are in the mission forums telling people not to run them.

Woah budy. Really wasn’t expecting you to take it in a combative direction like this. Too bad. So bitter and nasty, and for what reason?

Run burners.

You want to talk about intellectual dishonesty? I NEVER quoted how much ISK per hour you can make running sleeper sites. Show me where I quoted that.

Please show respect to people on the forums. It isn’t necessary to get upset and call people dumb. We’re just having a discussion about a video game.


I thought it was a mistake and you meant ded escalations.

Nah, I mean, expeditions are really a side activity. I run anomalies while scanning out a system and If I get a good escalation I run it. I don’t sit there and exclusively run expeditions. However, running the easy anoms while scanning is great and you can definitely pick up some juicy expeditions from time to time.

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I’m saying that method of calculation is trash, IDK and IDC if you use it or not. Saying income running missions is abysmal because you can make more money doing other things is trolling, as we’re in the mission forum discussing missions. Ergo I can’t imagine that you were trying for a positive reaction.

doing missions for 100M/h is bad, since you can do missions for 200+ M per hour . with 1000 isk/LP BO, which is very easy to do.

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