More rewards for l4 missions to balance plex price change

hey there. idk if there are changes or will be but id like to see increasing the rewards for l4 missions so people who not like to play abyssal still get enaugh isk to plex their accounds while doing l4 missions.

before the change it alrdy was hard to grind l4 for plex and now it should be at least similar.

rise the reward by 10% would be awesome or a specific boost of lootable items

They already give like 200mil to 300mil an hour for lvl 4’s thats 1 month of eve after 10hours of grind its decent already. As long as they bring back the social booster after it expires, or even better add the +50% social bonus to +9 standing as a bonus to that faction.

Post wallet screenshot. I need to see this 2-3 00 m/HR mission runner.

Are you sure? That seems quite a bit.

Are you stacking missions?

well i dont need to…

But i can tell you, take World’s Collide (Caldari space) for example…

Average 20-40 million ISK in loot and salvage + approx 30 million in bounty, and an average 5million worth of LP…its approx up to 55-70 million ISK for 1 mission, and in teh right fit…you can clear it in 20 minutes tops and have an alt salvaging everything as you go.

Enemies Abound is about 180 in tags alone(missions 1-5) and can be cleared all of them in about 35 minutes.

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It’s called mission blitzing. People will run the anomic mission agents in a unified nergal, and then run cherry picked non-anomic missions in something like a machariel. If their standings start getting too low, they’ll start picking up more non-anomic missions, but still try to select among the faster options.

Anyway, it seems like mission blitzing used to be more popular in the past, than it is now. Which might be do to more people opting to run high end abyssals. But, that’s speculation on my part.

As for OP, the solution for high plex prices isn’t to buff the activity that you happen to run. If you want more money, develop better strats, or chase new opportunities.


Let us take a moment and come back to reality, where we don’t have meta-humans with all kinds of cool abilities.

Can you presume to know, what I do at any given time?

Even if your branch-prediction was okay, you will still run into a range of things that are already false and then forgot to take approximately 49.5% of the population’s bladder control into account.

Anyhow, this reads - like many others - like a typical very hypothetical presumption, which may or may not be correct for 30% of the cases.

Since the management of time is ever more slightly more important for any activity in EVE, it is up to the individual to decide, which activity should have priority at any given time.

“An alt can do it” is almost as helpful as “after connecting your internet router to the internet, download blablabla at some”.

BUT, the tiny detail here of course is, that you won*t be doing much of anything with device, until you can configure it - online of course.

Alts may or may not be convenient, but they tend to remove your drive to acquire new abilities because the hardship demands it.
Making everything always “easy” sounds like the making of a very forgetful vacation in a retirement-home in the future.

My personal record for a level 4 Blockade mission with full clear was 28 minutes. Then warp and get the loot-mobile.
After many years of training skills to the point, where I clear level 4 missions in 28 with an Armageddon.
I remember that it took sometimes up to 7 hours for one of those.

So right at the beginning, I ran into an obstacle, a new approach was required. I learned a lot more EVE back then.

hypothetical my ass, last time i did a Lv4 blockade I did it in a tengu, cleared 13 mins, grabbed noctis cleared full loot/salvage in another 5.

PLEX price change affects everyone.

To make it fair for all people and not just mission runners, all other activities need more rewards too. More ore for miners, more loot in the cans for explorers, higher bounties for ratters, more extracted resources for PI, more produced items for industrialists, more rewards for doing project discovery and more loot for people who kill other players in PvP.

Otherwise it just wouldn’t be fair.

I know what a nergal is. Great ship for baiting mission runners into shooting at you,

But what is “unified?” As in omni-tanked?

Meta for burners used to be different ships and fits for the different missions.

Now it seems to be a Nergal and all thats needed is a couple of module changes depending on the specific mission.

Hence “unified”. It runs them all.


I record all the missions I do on a spread sheet record my time of completion and rewards and only pick the best ones and reject the rest.

With the help of the +50% social booster ontop of the 50% social skill.


So, they used to use several different ships to run the anomic agent missions. But then people discovered that you could just use the nergal to run most of them (iirc, it can’t do the ashimmu one because of neut pressure). So that’s why they called it the unified nergal. Seems like they could have come up with a better name, but no one asked me when naming it. So, unified nergal it is.

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To be fair if you know how you can run 4 of the anomics in a 2mil isk rifter lol…
Might train into the nergal for the tougher ones.

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Got a quick glimpse of your spread sheet. Looks like you got it down to a science. I didn’t save it or take a screenshot to protect your assets.

I had no idea missions could be optimized for isk in such a fashion.

I knew about the Torrinos trick. But never really implemented that because I didn’t want to trash out my Gallente Standings too much (despite being -10)

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to be honest it was only 60% of that until I made a jita trade alt got both faction and corp standings to 9 and maxed trade skills makes a huge difference. Isk per lp goes from 1.6 to 2.4

Yea trashing standings is kind of a must :confused:

Pics or it didn’t happen.

Trade income is from lp store sales. These pics where taken awhile ago thou, have a jita trade alt now and its higher.

This is just from bounty and most of that income is from lp.
Mix 3x 7mil isk bounty anomic talos’s that can be cleared in 15minutes with the natural 150% bounty low sec gets add lp ontop of that and you have a winning combo. Although if your flying is not perfect those talos 3 shot you. And orbit will get you killed most of the time so its manual flying only.

Quick math: 60/15 = 4
From bounty: 4x 32 = 128m
Pay From mission 8mil x 4 = 32mil
From lp: 20k lp x 4 =80k at 1500 k/lp = 120mil
280 mil an hour.


And that’s not even one of the better missions.

And yea you can swap the em resi for kin or therm for a tiny bit more safety Dred. Or ab if you want to do it much safer but with a slower clear time.

that’s also no bling no drugs no implant’s in a not super low sec system (0.1 sec is 18k, -0.1 sec is 20k lp, -0.4 is 24k lp) if you max it you can prob pull 500-800/h over 1000 if you are in an alliance that owns a npc null region with 3k to 5k isk/lp blood or serp.

Pandemic horde seems to have taken control of guristas which is around 2k isk/lp which means their avg lines members are probably going to outfarm almost all sov null alliances.

Compare that to someone who does ishtar ratting at 60m/h in anom’s. Lvl 4’s are in a good spot you just don’t realize it.

Would be better if missions like blockade and extravaganza appear less often as they are low income.

CCP 's next patch ahh guys we are nerfing lvl 4 missions… -_- hope not. Would prefer it if the sov null dudes got some missions of their own they must be so bored of running anom’s.

Teach me!

I’m a poor.

Pretty sure PLEX price changed because ISK is cheap. OP proposes to make it even cheaper. Go full Venezuela, just print them moneys.

For PLEX to become cheaper you would want it’s supply to raise, by making more people play the game.

Player numbers at all time lows, money supply at all time highs. No wonder ISK is cheap.