How much an entry l4 missioning player can make

Hi guys
I am plexing my account as new and entering to l4 as new so u guys have guessed my skill level ( have skill only in missile and shield ). I want to know how much I can make as an entry l4 mission player.will I be able to plex again at the end of the month with isk?
Please help me guys , also with entry l4 fit will be helpful to.

Hi, too long tbh :wink:
Would be better for you if you will try to plex your account by joining group that are runing incursions. They are running sites in shield doctrine, AVG income 150m/h


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i know that but i want to do missions because my time of logging is not suitable for joining the fllet hope u get it

Entry, as in the following? Solely hi-sec, w/o blitzing, w/o T2 weapons (faction ammo), w/o burner missions, w/o ability to decline many missions in a row?

My guess is probably 40 mil/h or less, and that’s w/ 1k LP to ISK conversion ratio and accounting for operational costs like ammunition.

I’m making a wild ass guess based on extrapolation of my data, so it’s likely not going to be accurate.

Also, if you want fitting suggestions, knowing what racial ships you can fly will help.


It’s important that you choose one ship, ammo or missile, tank or armor, and stick with it.
I am an old player, and I could make maybe 100mil a day, but I also make huge mistakes,
and I can lose 500mil in a bad situation… a bllink of an eye…
!00mil a day, 4/6 hours, maybe 8 hours, is a good prediction.
Sometime it can take 1 hour to finish a mission for 10mil…
It’s important that you have range control, then you can make your way to plex…
Just do not spend in blingy things that you can lose!

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While you can eventually make good money by blitzing burners (a special and difficult type of level 4’s), it takes a huge skill and isk investment to be able to do it. Moreover, it’s a lot easier to do when you’re already an omega. So, if you try to plex your account with level 4 missions, you’re just going to end up burning yourself out.

As Rychu pointed out, incursions are a particularly good way for alphas to earn enough to plex. But if you can’t make that work, you should explore other options, such exploration or abyssal running. In fact, a youtube search for how to make money as an alpha in Eve should return a lot of good results. Just bear in mind that many guys will exaggerate incomes for clicks. So keep your expectations in check.

If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

And welcome to Eve.
No P2W


care to give more details? I mean there’s a ton of variables at work depending on ships, fits, and skills. Missiles and shields sounds like raven?

50-100m/hr should be doable with decent skills and LP conversions, it’s a big range but all depends on SP and experience. should be enough to plex if you play enough.

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can fly raven,typhoon

yes i can fly raven and typhoon

If you will skip special missions (burners) u can be around 40mil/hour. All depends on your skills, equipment and implants. The better u skill/gear the higher reward it is. Also depends on how LPs u are farming and for how much u can sell them.

I was farming burners and was hitting 130-250mil/hour. Depends how fast u kill it what drops and how much missions u can decline.
EDIT: Flying burner missions is pretty skill expensive. U need to know what exactly u are doing or you will die.

I hope this helped.


u have any idea how to know which are the special missions?

Depends on you and your character’s skills/ships.
The above website is a bit dated but it is a good guide for level 4 missions along with this one below.
Around the top right corner there is a search box and entering the name of your mission will yield results for you. It’s important to know what you’re fighting, their resist profile, and the way some missions work. Don’t want to agro the wrong group and end up getting stage agro.

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If you do your math, run missions efficiently, choose the right LP store and agents, run your burners, have your standings set up to pick profitable missions, anywhere betwee 150 to 250mil/h.

Edit: Sorry. I completely neglected the “entry” part. Starting off lvl4 missions are gonna be really god damn slow because your dps will be put up against resistances and a noticeable amount of tank and projection issues, so you want the relevant skills at lvl4 and such: weapon support, navigation, capacitor, fitting, etc. You CAN eventually make a good amount of isk from missioning if you dont mind it being repetitive but I would suggest running lvl3s and training for some fit that public incursion groups run as a foundation. IIRC that should net you around 100mil/h not counting concord LP.

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I have been training into paladin now. I tried a few missions in sisi server with the paladin and I feel it’s a really good ship. Now I am focusing on making the isk I need to get the paladin fit. But I fell in love with incursion…so mostly I will stick around with incursion and train an alt for doing missions and stuff for a corp whose LP goes out really well like CONCORD.
Thank you for ur comment. this also helped me to look into a few things that I missed :slight_smile:

If you google “EVE mission name” you will find various links that describe each mission, the rooms, enemies, triggers etc it has. Some of them also tell you which types of ammo and resists work best for the mission.

Blitzing is doing the bare minimum to complete the mission and getting out fast to go turn it in. I think “sweeping” is the term they use for kill all and loot, some people salvage as well (this gives more net ISK per mission, but is slower ISK/hr than blitzing normally).

If you can find an area with a fair number of agents close together, then what people do is talk to each agent, search the mission offered, accept it if it has good payout/completion time/blitzable, or decline it if it’s a long/poor mission and move on to the next mission.

The more skilled you get at selecting the profitable missions, fitting your ship for them, running them fast, and turning them in for bonuses, the more you earn. I’ve seen newish mission runners earn between 20 - 80 million per hour depending on their efficiency so it pays to learn the tricks.


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