4/10 DED sites are kinda OP i guess

the ship i used ( And yes i just bought my first cruiser and fitted what ever i can afford : P )

[Moa, Astatine Kalkoken’s Moa]
Magnetic Field Stabilizer I
Damage Control I
Magnetic Field Stabilizer I
Magnetic Field Stabilizer I

Limited Kinetic Deflection Field I
Medium Shield Extender I
10MN Monopropellant Enduring Afterburner
Tracking Computer I
Medium Shield Extender I

Core Probe Launcher I
200mm Compressed Coil Gun I
200mm Compressed Coil Gun I
200mm Compressed Coil Gun I
200mm Compressed Coil Gun I

Medium Anti-Kinetic Screen Reinforcer I

Hornet I x3

Uranium Charge M x322

with this 13M ship i paid this ship 30 times in 2 hours : P 4/10 DED is OP


Congratulations on a great loot drop.


Congrats on a jackpot. Don’t expect every 4/10 to drop that kind of value, though. I had a similar experience with 6/10s where the first dropped the nice A-Type Invul, but ever since the loot fairy was not kind to me. :laughing:


Nice last time i saw a A type moudle was when a wild jackdaw stole it from me
I think they should make loots more constant i have gotton jackpots like this but sometimes there was none. The overseer thingy is too small too be a constant loot maybe garunted ~ 10M worth of module would be better

Ty to be honest that loot tripled my entire total est isk value

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I here where you are coming from with wanting consistent loot drops, but if they are too consistent the value of the loot drops to nothing.

I remember a time where a c-type invulnerability field was 400~500 million isk.

if they were more reliable they would be worth a lot less. And you would still complain they are not reliable enough.


Happy that you got a good drop here, but this is definitely not consistent. In the past 2 days, I ran 4 4/10s and all I have to show for it is a bit of faction ammo and a couple of tags.

Not to say they aren’t worth doing, but just offering the caution to not expect this from every site.

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The low drop rate actually helps a lot with its value as it dissuades most people from doing them because they think they are garbage after 2-3 bad drops in a row.

As a rule of thumb the more people do something the more useless it becomes look at mining in high sec xD lol’s…

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The mining volume in HS i actually very low compared to other spaces.

And don’t forget, NPC mining bots are mining the ores now too.

Oh, I totally agree! I’m not advocating for an increased drop rate, just chiming in on the fact that what the OP experienced is not typical.

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I was playing around with a Stratios yesterday in preparation for the upcoming event. Just for fun did I go into a site and ended up with an escalation to a 3/10 Serpentis Narcotic Warehouses.

It dropped a Daredevil 1-run BPC and a 5MN A-Type Corelis MWD.

Not what I had expected at all.

When I lived in low sec I’d scan our large amounts of systems, and bookmark anything interesting. If I had several of them in the same area, I’d have a specialised ship for each type of DED site, for example I had a caracal that could run a Sansha 3/10 in 1m10s.

Run enough, fast enough, and the law of large numbers kicks in. A single one might not be worth much unless you’re lucky, but run a large number and the ISK/hr beats anything you find in high sec.

For speed running, all that matters is the overseer, ignore anything else unless it’s a trigger.


Another issue with DEDs especially Gurista ones is that there is a lot of competition/ Gankers in LS. The max reward is very high but as mentioned the chance to drop good items is pretty low and combine that with the chance you might lose the drop or die/run away reduces the reward / time a fair chunk.

LS is however way better than HS for DEDs as long as you get a quiet area. 1-4/10 have a much lower drop rate (IE I run as many 1-3/10 as 4-6/10 but I have 20X as many cruiser BPCs and almost none came from 4/10) along with the much better mods.

Can you get 4/10s in low sec, i have a main in fw space, i dont mind running them here as i expect to die which isnt an issue.

True but they are a copy and paste from the HS once, still with the lower drop rate ect, They even sometime have smaller sigs ect in many case, so you have a harder time scanning them down only to get a ■■■■ site.

Proper LS sites have much higher drop rates , pretty sure its a balancing thing since so many 1-4/10s get run in HS the mods would be worthless if they had the same drop rates.

OR it’s designed to be balanced automatically …

for 5/10s what quick cheap ship can run these?

Most of the time if it’s quick it’s not cheap, it it’s cheap it’s not quick.