Mul-Zatah Monastery worth it?

I have been making quite good isk on 03/10 and 04/10 sites lately, but it seems to me that the Mul-Zatah Monastery is exception from this, I can not remmeber when I actually got some decent loot from this site (no faction loot). It does not seem to be the case with other 04/10 sites, anyone else has the same feeling? I know there is a lot of RNG in play, but this site seems to be quite bad…

Corpum C-Type 

Is the loot table. Go to jita and see prices. Then you can decide if it’s worth your effort.

I have days that it feels that way as well. But equally I’ve also had drops in the 190-220mill range.

I guess it balances out.

But it is frustrating when you do 2 in a row and get nothing more than the 7th and 8th tier overseers.

Ultimately I’m never going to fly past one. It’s going to get run

Well, I got like 10 or so done recently without any good drops, so that was annoying :slight_smile: But yeah, it is quite easy to run, so why not. From some reason I got more consistent loot in the 3/10 rectently, last time whopping 250mil worth of modules, quite nice.

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