Black loot - hardcore low sites

so found an AEGIS site. seems like alot of hassle to run them. you get black loot, but have ppl figured out how to sell it/value it?

also found SCC site. requires a marauder or multiple tc3 to run for ~1bil loot. doesnt seem worth when i can just dual abyss for 1bil/hour no risk?

it gotta be worthwhile if you want ppl to bring a 3bil marauder into low chilling, which we want since its guaranteed to generate content :slight_smile:

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most players earning 25-40bil per month now so a loss here and there is nothing to cry over. marauder is safer in lowsec anyhow

The LP stores are MMO threadmills. Logically, the rewards aren’t actually worth your time.

Yeah. Reminds me of running those Mordu sites. I was never caught running those.

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