LVL4 relic site drop rate, High-sec?


I just made 2 lvl 4 relic sites around Khanid and the first I scanned all the cans and the things I could have tried to get was worth less than 250,000isk. And the second was one can with 4.5m isk of Salvage materials.
I found more stuff in a lvl 1 site, still in high-sec. And its been over 10mil.

So Should the game have a site rated higher up and it pays out less?

Im new to this and I havent found a game with strange game mechanics. I have been in a few lowsec in my places a goto when i go my round. So I can go back to Amarr and sell it. Ive found from 20m up to 80 mill when I go my rounds. And I have never ever found such a lousy drops in a high-level can like that.

Please CCP/Game developers, help how this game mechanic is made? Is it suppose to work like this? If a yes so I can give a rats ass from this lvl 4 sites that are hard to scan down.

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