Test server DED sites

Anyone know how to find for example 10/10 DED site on sisi? Is there any easy way or should i rat some sites for escalation as well?

you can find them in player controlled systems,there are soe alliances holding sov for testing and you can find theirsystems upgraded and you ca scan down if there is any

10/10 can be found in all nullsec systems.

Come down to geminate, I currently hold this constellation. Full upgrades and freeport citadels.


Just don’t go to Delve unless you wear a “condi” alliance ticker.

Oh bully on that. I went to Delve a number of times when I wanted to test out Amarr type stuff, especially a Molok bpc I picked up. Never had a problem.

Thanks! I’ve had a great time trying fits and checking YT BS

Can someone tell me, where I can find regular guri rally points?

regular ones are all in high low null and wormhole. there are also trasnsportation ones but nullsec only

If you mean Guristas rally points, you can find those in Black Rise, Lonetrek, Pure Blind, Fade, Deklein, Branch, Tenal, Venal, Tribute, Vale of the Silent and Geminate.

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that is nice of you to offer him.

what region is SOE holding sov in

I think it was Branch but you can look that up just like you can look up where Guristas live when you look at corp info for SOE.

pure blind has some SOE systems in it, up near guristas space… check the system ROIR-Y … there is a station there you can dock in. :slight_smile:

I tested a rally point in a Deimos, never went higher than that but I can tank it.

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