Pith Robux Asteroid Mining & Co

Ive been trying to find this site in the citadel, and depsite scanning multiple systems for a long time ive not found one. Is it still in game? or is it really rare? or maybe limited to a particular constellation

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That’s a DED 1/10 site so it’s probably scanned and completed shortly after spawning. Besides spawning in The Citadel, it also spawns in The Forge and Lonetrek regions.

Check Star Map stats for systems that don’t have a lot of Capsuleer traffic, basically dead-end pipeline systems away from major market / mission hubs.


ded1 can not appear in sec < 0.8 IIRC. so go only for 0.8,0.9, 1.0 status systems.


They spawn in Forge often right after down time one or two jumps outside of jita, people rush the sites to get the keys and sell them for like 60 mil.

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That may well be why i cannot find the sites, Ive a number of the dented and scratched cards and was looking to do the sites, looks like this will be tougher than i though.

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