What is this Lv5 combat site? I did not find any information about it online

I just scan down this strange site called Guristas Reptile Pit Shipyard, I thought it is a suporior Sleeper Cache at first lol, but it turn out to be a really strange combat site with no warp-in spawn and a bunch of structures like this:


That’s the Reptile Pit - a Gurista landmark site put in during the start of the Hunt event this year. It’s a combat site that needs to be scanned down. As you said, there aren’t any hostiles, it’s just to look at.


no i pulled one 12 years ago this is not new and i know how to pull them on command :slight_smile: it look like it has ded bit to it allso i have lots pictures of it all :slight_smile:

![pit Ship yard Gristas Boss ded bit moving m strange|690x129](

do the structures drop anything or spawn stuff if you blow them up

no, you can’t take damage on it
i tried drones(can’t target it) and 425 cannon(take 0 damage)

iive gave it logi reped it shoot it blew at it joke but noffink seems to work and it seem to hang about for a week in said system how amazing

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