Guristas event site Dread NPC

No you heard me right, just like the last event had VIP sites that spawned a carrier… this event has transport sites that spawn an npc pheonix. I finally was able to get on sisi and did some testing. probably will just keep those results to myself though, since no one ever helps me out on this stuff from these forums.

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A Guristas Dreadnought?


Hopefully it won’t be able to hit smaller hull class ships if you quickly get in close to it.

nah he means a dread guristas, just had a guy that looted a 42m adaptive nano membrane from one

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Ahhh, so it’s a Commander NPC.

lol, thought NPC Capital ships were being spawned.

yeah because rip solo running sites, ive seen people that believed their small ships had a chance get nuked by the npc dreads and player rules and attributes don’t apply to them.

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No, it’s a dreadnaught. Only spawns in transport sites. Tanks like hell but it didn’t shoot me yesterday. Didn’t manage to get it under 70% shield before an unexpected downtime.

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