Gurstias event spawns - often no npcs or no more npcs spawn?

I can be first to one of these event beacons. I kill the first 4 npcs, no more npcs spawn, and none come at all. What’s wrong with this?

Try to warp in and out. Fixed it for me.

Wait a few minutes, up towards 5 minutes, and the rest of them will come

It is probably to do with the server issues, things are very laggy. As others have said if you sit and wait eventually they show up. I have sat for 5 minutes at one site.

Event seems just as pooped as the servers. With the NPCs AWOL sites take ages to wait for them to turn up. Not seen a single system with more than one site spawned. The NPC delays in the sites means the sites don’t cycle quickly, and it’s hard to find a player empty site. The NPCs seem to spread out a ton in the sites like 70k+ away from each other. I go after the battleship and the frigates get bored of me, and just loiter, I don’t blame them to be honest. I do like the loot spread out among the NPCs that’s a good feature. And I like the more random what did I get times more pulls gambling side of this.
I think the last event was much better overall. It wasn’t buggy, had a better challenging difficulty level, even more challenging would be cool please :slight_smile: But this one so far is a bit poop sorry.

They are there just takes 10 minutes to show up in local

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