High Security Combat Site Video Series

Designed for new and experienced players alike, I’ve begun the long journey of putting together a video series detailing all high-security combat sites. I started with the Serpentis combat anomalies, and will continue along from there, eventually detailing all sites for all pirate factions.

Each video gives a little background information for newer players, then dives into details about the NPC spawn patterns and potential loot drops in each site. Ship fits will be included in the video descriptions.

Check them out on my Youtube channel, Riley Entertainment!

The first batch of videos for the Serpentis combat anomalies are up:

Serpentis Burrow

Serpentis Hideaway

Serpentis Refuge

Serpentis Den

And I’ve begun posting the DED rated Serpentis combat signatures, with the rest to follow in the coming weeks:

Serpentis Drug Outlet (1/10)

Some of my past video series:

Complete Gallente Cosmos Guide

Complete Gallente Epic Arc


You cleared the entire Studio I mission in a frigate? Wut? Why would somebody do that?

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Because he can?

Very nice, bookmarked your site for future reference.


I wonder if it would be even better to run it in a corvette with a single civilian autocannon.

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I’m saving the Velator for the Serpentis Hydroponics Site.

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Remember, that’s Velator, spelled h-y-p-e-r-i-o-n. Velator.

The next video went up yesterday:
Serpentis Live Cargo Distribution Facilities (2/10)

I’ll be keeping to a twice weekly Wednesday evening / Sunday afternoon upload schedule for the rest of the Serpentis DED rated sites.

The Serpentis unrated sites will follow, though there is likely to be a bit of a break before they commence. Getting enough footage of their escalations is time-consuming!

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Videos for the rest of the Serpentis DED rated sites are up:

Serpentis Narcotics Warehouse (3/10)

Serpentis Phi-Outpost (4/10)

Serpentis Corporation Hydroponics Site (5/10)

The next batch will be the unrated combat signatures: Serpentis Hideout, Lookout, Watch, and Vigil. I’m still gathering footage, so there’ll be a bit of a break before they’re out…