Looking for agents in space

I am looking for some of the Angel Cartel agents in space located in Jorund, but I cannot find them.
The agents in question are Numa Fashit, Skami Zarton and Kardimo Menka.

Does anybody know their exact location and could help me?

Thank you in advance. :slight_smile:

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These type of agents are usually in space, sat near stargates. You may need to turn on a setting on your overview to see them. Under Celestial there is an option Agents in Space.


Serves you right for cavorting with those biopond scum-sucking degenerates in the first place.

…Try what Chan’aar said…

When Faction Standing has risen high enough with a specific NPC Faction, they have special Cosmos Agents located in space that offer special rewards for a specific amount and type of Dog Tags. Most of them reward a Faction ship 2-run BPC, some of those agents will offer implants. All of those Agents will accept standings modified by social skills and can only be accessed once in the life of the capsuleer.

8.5 Faction Standing and 30 Silver tags = Faction Frigate BPC
9.2 Faction Standing and 30 Gold tags = Faction Cruiser BPC
9.9 Faction Standing and 30 Diamond tags = Faction Battleship BPC

Anyway like @Chan_aar stated, those Agents are located near one of the Jump-gates in Jorund System.

Numa Fashit - Dramiel Faction Frigate BPC - 30 Silver Tags / Type unknown
Skami Zarton - Cynabal Faction Cruiser BPC - 30 Gold Tags / Type unknown
Kardimo Menka - Machariel Faction Battleship BPC - 30 Diamond Tags / Type unknown

I’m not sure what type of Tags they require, I think it might be Sansha Tags. Collecting the required amount of Tags is a long time consuming process so make sure you have the required amount before talking to the agents. The easiest way to get the Tags is purchase them from Regional Markets and or Public Contracts.

I posted more info about those special ‘Agents In Space’ here, there and everywhere in these forums.

And as usual, ‘The Plan’ contains more info on gaining Faction Standing.

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Should be easier to find them tomorrow when agent finder returns

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Thank you all for the tips. I turned the Agents in Space option in the overview and here they are on the Farit gate! :slight_smile:

BTW you need:
1 x Republic Fleet Raid Leader Insignia for Numa Fashit - Dramiel Faction Frigate BPC
1 x Republic Fleet Squad Leader Insignia for Skami Zarton - Cynabal Faction Cruiser BPC
1 x Republic Fleet Navy Commander Insignia for Kardimo Menka - Machariel Faction Battleship BPC

Oh really?

And where did you get this info from and can you please provide a link to it?


Ahh, thank you very much.

Will definitely update my notes on that.


you may try them on sisi ?

Doubt it. You need the standing after all. The screenshots are from Tranquility.

you can set standing to 10 on sisi. /booststandings

Well, you can try them on sisi then :slight_smile:

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