Dog Tags

I am trying to get together the required number of dog tags so that I can do the various data centers for various factions. When i was looking at information on this is seems to sugest that there is a higher rate of dog tags dropped in the same systems as the data centers. I tried this and got zero tags.

I did some google searches and apart from 1 video from 2015 where the guys explains that he was farming missions in order to get dog tags I cannot see any other options.

Yes i realise that I can buy these tags on market but just for the added challenge I want to find them myself but dont want to spend years doing it. What is the an optimal way (apart from marketplace) of getting dog tags.

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Other that doing missions, running DED rated and unrated complexes and doing storyline missions, the only place you could farm tags are the COSMOS mission systems.
The COSMOS complexes respawn rats in 20 minute intervals I think, so an mtu and a laserboat would do the trick.

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Thanks for this, Thing is I need to increase my standing with a faction before I can do the Cosmos mission, so I thought dog tags/data centers would be the answer. Iback tot he drawing board methinks.

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For the missions yes but you can enter the static complexes if you manage to get through lowsec (the Caldari one in The Forge).

That is only what I know and doesn’t mean there isn’t something else.

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ah ok, interesting, thanks again, it is the amarr one I am looking to do at the moment

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“ah ok, interesting, thanks again, it is the amarr one I am looking to do at the moment”

Just a caution (from own ship loss) while doing the Amarrr Cosmos long time ago, in the last room of the “Contested Amarr Bastion of Blood” in Koona if i remember it right, do not align and try to warp to the closest celestial! If nothing has been altered it’s too close to initiate a warp to that celestial. Was stunned by the fact and then the room respawned with a Vexor Navy loss as the consequence:)
Choose another spot in space to align and warp to if bad things are about to happen.


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