Insignias and tags for faction modules

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Hi there,
Where can i “mine” this stuff?? Level 4 missions?? What Corps?

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FW, missions against other empire factions and missions against empire factions in NPC nulls ec.

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FW, missions against other empire factions and missions against empire factions in NPC nulls ec.

All good points. But consider the trade-off about whether you would make more isk by farming more LP and buying the tags off the market. Just because you mine it, it doesn’t make it free.

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farming tags is tricky business.I read on another post that the best method is to find a cluster of different corporations where you have many lv3 and lv4 agents together. when you get a tag dropping mission do as normal and salvage all the tags but do not complete with the agent. Move on to another agent until you get a tag mission and do the same.At server reset the missions will be reset with fresh ships to farm again. It is important to not complete the mission trigger. ie if the mission is to destroy a particular ship do not destroy that ship.If the mission is to destroy a building do not destroy the building.
As a mission has a six day completion time you can run it 6 times then complete it on the 7th run. I believe it was Chainsaw Plankton who revealed this strategy on the forums.

You can see all the missions here.

fly safe

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I used to farm faction missions like mad…

I had 2 accounts with mission alts on each one for a total of 6 characters to farm missions… once I got the mission I wanted I would go out of my waay to farm it for aa week. 6 missions a day… dragging in 1b isk in tags a day.

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Do not forget you will ruin your faction standings that way. If you farm it with an alt it is no problem, but for your main… Well, maybe killing NPC in large FW complexes will be better solution. You may even get some funny PvP that way.

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I always just farmed with my main, had no reason to go to gallente or minmatar space back then. Accidentally fixed it back when SoE missions started being a thing

that said now with burners it’s pretty much better to ignore the tags and just farm the LP, and there is a reason to go to minmatar space as that’s where Lanngisi is. Although SoE LP is low enough and other empire LP is high enough it’s almost a wash where you run missions. That said LP goes up and down overtime so keep an eye on trade values.

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But is it specific Corporations? Caldari Navy or Amarr Navy?

(Khanid Voltar) #9

It depends which tags you need.

if you want Caldari Navy Tags, then you need missions with Caldari Navy ships in them to shoot them. So you need missions that have Caldari Navy ships in them.

If you want Amarr Navy Tags, then you need missions with Amarr navy ships in them to shoot them etc etc.

Missions against CN, or Amarr, or whatever, can get offered from any corp who has them at negative standings e.g. Gallente/Minmatar corps offer missions against CN and Amarr, and vice versa.

if you are asking for a list of which exact missions have which exact tags in them, that simply isn’t available; anyone who would have gone to the effort of compiling a list of which tags come from where would have done so for their own benefit and wouldn’t be sharing that for, I think, fairly obvious reasons (in case it isn’t obvious, then everyone would farm those missions and the monetary value of the applicable LP offers would be complete trash). That said, a number (but not all) of the faction L4 missions have an approximate number of tags listed on Eve-Survival.

[edit] it isn’t rocket science. Say you need CN tags. Then when you get offered a mission against CN rats you look it up on eve-survival to see if it says what tags it has. if it says, then great, then you know. If it doesn’t say, then you’re gonna need to do the mission and loot the wrecks to find out.

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eve-survival might have the loot lists in comments. Also the missions are consistent so just run it and write down what drops.

For level 4s caldari/amarr corps get Enemies abound, and one other that I forget, almost always goes to next constellation so I decline it. gallente/minmatar/SoE get pot and kettle, surprise surprise, and maybe another one or two. Then there’s a handful of anti-faction storylines. Also a lot of the low/mid tier tags are pretty valuable right now so might be worth looking at the lv2/3 missions, maybe not as they only drop a few from what I remember.

pirate factions get some more faction kill missions, I’ve heard most of the minmatar tags come from some farmers in angel space, but that’s just something I’ve heard.

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