Which Caldari corps/agents give most missions against Gallente or Min?

I would like to load up on tags running L4 missions. So far current agents Home Guard and Spacelane do not seem to give many missions against Gallente or Minmatar. Are there agents or corps somewhere that do?

I know some Amarr agents give enemies abound and other juicy tag missions quite frequently but have yet to see any from any Caldari agents.


It’s been a while since I’ve run them, but iirc the pool of L4 missions is the same across each faction empire agent, and the number of missions that have tags (i.e. anti-empire missions) are low enough that if you wish to avoid them you can decline these and not really worry about wrecking your standings with that agent… which is a long way of saying that there aren’t a lot of L4 missions that have tags dropping in them, you could try running with (for e.g.) Caldari Navy but I don’t believe the agents corp has any affect on the number of anti-empire missions given.

If you’re specifically after tags and not concerned about impacting your Faction standings with Gal/Min have you considered FW missions? As I understand it the same tags drop from FW missions, and they will drop from each mission you run, so are much more plentiful, but would require you to sign up for FW.


enemies abound is in the general caldari pool, seems to come up about as often as any other mission. Probably worth looking for a cluster of agents and pulling as many missions as possible from them.

Irjunen and waskisen have 3 lv4 CPF agents between them. And I think there’s a handful of other agents for other corps nearby.

There’s also a pretty good cluster in the forge

beyond that there’s a handful of storyline missions that have tags

interesting part is working for Home Guard or whatever 56 missions so far and never seen enemies abound which is very regular from amarr agents.

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