Have faction tag missions been reduced?

I have a few mission runners in various places and have noticed very few tag missions in the past 3 weeks. I have yet to see Enemies Abound again and even the Min/Gallente agents not handing out kill Amarr in those spaces like smash the supplier.

Is there a way to datamine what missions are in a particular agents pool? Or has someone already done this?

i think its just totally random… there’s been some days id go weeks and weeks without enemies abound, then boom all of a sudden im overwhelmed with them.

Yeah thats why i wanted a source to datamine the mission pools. Ive been told they are handed out more often by military corps–for instance ministry of war or amarr navy vs carthum or other family corps in Amarr space. But again no verified source. :frowning:

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Was doing non scientific testing tonight and sure enough as soon as i switched to a combat oriented NPC corp (both amarr navy and ministry of war) Started getting repeated tag missions including enemies abound…

I could have sworn the other corps used to give them out regularly too. Will keep a log this week across all of them

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Yeah, other corps use to offer those missions as well.

Obviously CCP changed it and didn’t bother to list it in patch notes. Recently I was talking with another player in Eve Survival chat who does Faction Tag missions and he mentioned the change.

We should get the option to do anti faction missions… just swap out the npc rats for empire ships if a box is tagged.

Is this a fact now? So which corps don’t offer tag missions anymore from the ones that used to?

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