L4 faction rats don't drop faction loot

Recently came back to EVE due to COVID. I’ve been running Level 4 mission for the past few months. A few years ago I remember occasionally getting Supervisor spawns in my missions. Most of the time they wouldn’t drop anything great maybe some faction ammo or some worthless faction module. However, every once in a while they would drop something great like a faction Scram, Web, or Afterburner.

Since I’ve returned I’ve run into dozens of these spawns and they don’t even drop faction ammo or worthless modules anymore it seems. Any long term mission runner who can tell me when this changed?

I think you are talking about anomalies (ratting) not missions.

No I’m definitely talking about missions. You can even looking up some old mission running sites that apparently haven’t updated since I quit playing back in 2017. They will also mention the supervisor appearance in certain level 4s and potential to drop faction loot. It doesn’t happen anymore.

I’ve not ran missions in years but you are right. In Worlds collide, the blockade and burner missions you used to be able to get faction rat spawns. Which could drop some really nice loot.

Running L4 missions since year 2014, never saw faction loot dropping from rats…

Anything that dropped faction loot in missions was stopped in early 2013 I believe. Only anoms drop faction loot

Not sure about regular missions. But had a faction armour repairer drop from burner Talos yesterday

I see. That’s probably about right. When I came back around 2015 I was in a wormhole group so I didn’t run too many missions, but I know for a fact, 100 percent, that at some time during my tenure on EVE this was the case. Guess I gotta start looking for a null-sec group to join to get some decent isk now.

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Wow, really! I thought that was something that they got rid of too. Although I was running Anomic Agent and Anomic Teams missions where you fight frigates. So maybe it’s different with the bigger ones. That’s a nice drop.

Th last time i did burners around 3/4 years ago they were still dropping faction mods in Anomic team burners.

Used to see them rarely in missions like Blockade and, especially, Worlds Collide, but they almost dropped only faction ammo and T1 junk besides their increased bounty payouts for me. I think the last time I had one spawn in WC was about a year ago and it was no salvage, only increased bounty.

When I was running missions a long time ago, I remember certain destroy able structures and NPC’s that dropped implants, i don’t remember ever getting faction loot though. There were/are missions with “bonus” rooms was a high density of optional bounty targets,

Anomic teams can drop faction loot, Blood agent very occasionally drops faction loot. I’ve never had the Angel and Sansha agents drop anything worthwhile, but I keep peeking inside the wrecks anyway… Taloses drop the good stuff as mentioned, don’t know about the others.

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