Burner Loot Nerf: Confirmed ✖

I’ve been running various Burner missions for the past week or so and all I seem to get for Faction drops are ammunition (when I get the rare Faction drop, that is). Have the Burner loot drops been nerfed?

just RNG being RNG probably. I had a really bad streak with no loot, and then a really good streak with some great drops, but that was about a month ago, so it’s possible they’ve done something since then.

I seem to just get ammo drops from Angel Base and Blood Base. I sometimes get sweet drops from Serpentis Base still.

None of the Agents seem to anything other than ammo and skins

Team-wise, it seems to be Hawk>Enyo>Vengeance>Jaguar

My favourite two are the Hawk and the Serpentis Base, I never really expect to find much of anything from the rest.

[edit] I did wonder if the RNG was biased in favor of the agent offering the mission. E.G. I run missions for Gallente and the two goodies are the opposing Empire faction (Caldari) and the opposing Pirate Faction (Serpentis). But I am probably just reading things into it that aren’t there.

I think the drops have been nerfed within the last several months. I’m still getting faction drops occasionally, but nowhere near the frequency I used to. I don’t think it’s simply a run of bad luck. The 3 Burner Talos mission seems to be the exception - those drops seem to be similar to what I’ve always gotten (which was always greater than the other burners).

@Sinjin_Pava I’m inclined to agree. The most I’ve seen are Faction ammunition drops. At least in high-sec. Yep, they’ve been nerfed:

Using macros for ratting - allowed?
“It has indeed happened, from what I know of, Burner missions loot drops have been nerf’d a while back.”

RIP juicy Faction module drops.

I still find interesting loot here and there.

However I agree that the loot has been nerfed .

1000 Dread Gurista Scourge Rockets dropped for me.
That’s basically it.

Imperial Navy Omnidirectional Tracking Enhancer	1	Drone Tracking Enhancer		Low	5 m3	130 497 614,93 ISK
Republic Fleet Warp Scrambler	1	Warp Scrambler		Medium	5 m3	125 666 438,86 ISK
Republic Fleet Nanofiber Structure	1	Nanofiber Internal Structure		Low	5 m3	75 742 842,84 ISK
Shadow Serpentis 250mm Railgun	1	Hybrid Weapon	Medium	High	10 m3	24 282 122,33 ISK
Imperial Navy Adaptive Nano Plating	1	Armor Coating		Low	5 m3	22 610 254,54 ISK
Domination EM Ward Amplifier	1	Shield Resistance Amplifier		Medium	5 m3	19 940 603,77 ISK
Federation Navy 200mm Steel Plates	1	Armor Reinforcer		Low	10 m3	13 969 447,13 ISK
Shadow Serpentis Remote Tracking Computer	1	Remote Tracking Computer	Small	Medium	5 m3	12 179 429,21 ISK
Shadow Serpentis Remote Sensor Booster	1	Remote Sensor Booster	Small	Medium	25 m3	8 556 678,92 ISK
Imperial Navy Energized Kinetic Membrane	1	Armor Plating Energized		Low	5 m3	7 700 528,27 ISK
Federation Navy Light Electron Blaster	1	Hybrid Weapon	Small	High	5 m3	5 449 825,87 ISK

Over the last month, plus other things I sold (which were more expensive).

I switch a lot of places according to lp stores, so this is just a part of what I found.

Were you under the impression that burner loot was ever worth it??

I’m sorry. We thought you knew.

How much does this affect isk/hr?

No idea. I never counted loot in ISK/hour.

I don’t think it has much impact. Faction drops were always a small percentage of the value. I haven’t actually measured it though. My sense is 10-20m isk/hr less than it was several months ago maybe - if you’re speed running them that is.

considering I’ve gotten a bunch of faction damage mods, scrams, webs, drone nav comps, sensor boosters, tracking comps, ship bpcs, and whatever else yea I’d say it’s worth something. Of course there are a handful of cheap faction resist plating and hardeners that aren’t worth much, or guns/launchers that are annoying to sell.

also I don’t take everything ISD says as being 100% true, No idea if they are referencing a nerf from a month ago, or 3 years ago.

also no idea, I always considered them nice bonus drops and never seriously recorded them. Usually when I run burners it’s to zone out or test a new fitting, don’t want to spend time logging stuff.

Would probably need to do a 50+ hour run to get a decent idea of value of the drops. My usual 2-3 hour runs work alright for checking isk/lp gains, but drops will massively impact that in an unreproducible way.

I got something around 3M average per burner.
Yeah, that is considering the loots of shadow serpentis DC from the talos, the tracking computer, etc.

However I feel like this changes according to the place you are doing the run.

Well, whenever CCP adds new content they always make it heavy with good loot drops, that basically draws players into engaging with that content. Then after a while CCP re-adjusts / lowers the loot drop table and players will still continue doing the content in the hope of getting what they previously got.

It’s all about chasing the dragon.



I’m not sure what opiate abuse has to do with this but whatever floats your boat I guess :joy:


I’m using it as a metaphor.

Basically means continue doing the content in a futile attempt to regain what was previously had.

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Is it me or loots are back ?

Got 3 loots since yesterday. I didn’t get any for 2 weeks.

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