Republic fleet tags

(Sonoros Rahl) #1

I get these from running missions, but have never found out what you can do with them, where to take them etc. Can anyone shed some light please? I am based near Jita



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(Leah Crowleymass) #2

You can sell them on the open market or use them in specific Loyalty point stores along with LP and ISK to gain certain items.

Also, be aware that if you are getting these, you are losing standing with the faction that you are killing to collect them. If you’re aware of that, all good, but a lot of players are not aware that this is happening until they start getting shot at when visiting that faction’s space. Just wanted to give a heads up in case you were in the latter category.

(Chainsaw Plankton) #3

Luckily for you jita is the main trade hub and usually has the best prices for them.

(darkestkhan Eriker) #4

Wouldn’t amarr have better prices? They should be used a lot in amarr lp stores.

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(Leah Crowleymass) #5

Check with the specific tags to see where the market is hot. Or hot enough and close :wink:

(Chainsaw Plankton) #6

Jita is super dominant as a trade hub. Maybe if you are using sell orders you can get a better price in amarr but you probably have to wait a lot longer for them to sell.

(Xuxe Xu) #7

Good, good.
Crush the heretics, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of their mates!


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(Bumpy Kai) #8

As said above, really beware of faction loss, you can get to a point where the navies will start shooting at you while you pass through their space. On a side note, tags can be a really nice income booster, you can sell them on the market or use them in LP stores.

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(darkestkhan Eriker) #9

That Jita is super dominant I am well aware, but for some good syou may find that other hubs can be better. Although if all you care about is simply offloading loot then jita is likely best place to do so.

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(Chainsaw Plankton) #10

good deals usually go fast as people use API tools to find them and move goods to other hubs with better prices.

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(elitatwo) #11

Let me shed some light on that one. The Khanid Royal Navy LP store has items which are missiles based and for example a Khanid Navy Ballistic Control Unit requires some of those republic fleet tags.
Those Khanid Ballistic Control Unit only differ in the name to the Caldari Navy Ballistic Control Units but you rarely see a Khanid one on zkill or whatever killboard kids use these days.
There are also Khanid Navy missile launchers, smartbombs abd some other items but the Khanid LP store doesn’t have SOE Probe launchers and is the only LP store in New Eden which doesn’t magically pay you by the minute.

Only the other LP stores in New Eden will pay you by the minute if you run missions for them.

Maybe that’s one of the reasons the Royal Khanid Navy LP store is not very popular. Another reason that those Khanid Navy faction items are not very popular is the scarcity of missions against the minmatar republic.

As far as I know there is one level 3 mission and the last of the 5 Enemies Abound level 4 missions is the only place those tags may drop.
There could be other places but I don’t know any other. Maybe some day I stumble upon another place those tags drop.

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(Chainsaw Plankton) #12

CN BCU has a 5 run bpc in one of the stores and there’s a few decent agents, plus incursion runners converting LP. Way more supply and lower costs make CN the easy choice. Khanid is pretty rough since there’s no blue prints. The web is probably the most interesting item but pretty low volume. Ammatar is another store in a pretty bad spot.

FW, lv5s, and pirate missions are some other sources of tags. Never did any of those so couldn’t tell you what drops where though. Heard about some people farming minmatar tags in angel missions a while back.

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(darkestkhan Eriker) #13

Republic Fleet BCU is in same spot as Caldari :wink: and quite easy to get amarr tags.

(elitatwo) #14

Ah :slight_smile:

Cheers man!

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(Chainsaw Plankton) #15

good call, easy to forget those exist as pre-tiericide they were pretty much never used.

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(Bumpy Kai) #16

There are a few “mixed” missions one of them I think is worlds collide ? but not completely sure of their names. They basically spawn eitehr pirate or generic merc ships, but then navy ships. Thing is, you still get negative faction hits for killing those navy ships, and those stack up real quick.

(elitatwo) #17


And oh yes they do! The “Enemies Abound 1-5/5” level 4 mission tanked my Gallente standing so that I cannot sit still in Gallente highsec - sucks when I have to go to Dodixie.

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(Sonoros Rahl) #18

many thanks, so find an LP store to use them then is the short answer :slight_smile:

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(Leah Crowleymass) #19

Well, sort of. You will also need LP to go along with those tags. But, yes, if you have some (or want to run missions to get some), then that is arguably the best use for them.

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