Federation navy insignias

So i got really bad standing with Gallente and happen to need a buttload of their insignias… Instead of waiting for missions that drop these tags, can’t i just go to gallente space and fight their navy non stop there? Or do the tags only drop in mission?

The tags can be purchased on the market.

You can also improve your Gallente standing (albeit slowly) by running Minmatar missions. Since the standing increase is a percentage of the difference between your current standing and +10, the worse your current standing, the greater the benefit!

Yeah don’t really care about standings or buying the tags on the market… just wanted to know if i can get them roaming gallente empire whilst blowing up their navy wich should spawn to kill me seeing i have quite a negative standing with them…

Based on an old forum post, you can kill them and they do drop tags.


You can totally shoot a faction’s Navy and Police.

Do understand that it is a bit difficult even for veterans and the Navy/Police will use Ewar and warp disruptors liberally.
(translation: they are not like NPCs in missions, they are an actual threat)

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