Insignia - Please explain!

Hi all,
I have tried to find out what to do with the Insignia dog tags that drop in Missions. Everything from Serpentis/Angel dog tags to Faction dog tags.
The usual answer is ‘hand them in for Loyalty Points’ but I have tried this and can’t seem to find the mechanism to do this. The next answer is normally to exchange them for positive sec status. I looked into this and it is not these tags that are turned in to the security offices in lowsec, they are specific ones, not the usual mission drop dogtags.
Other than selling to NPC’s on the market, can anyone please explain how these tags can be of use beyond just isk generation.
Exactly where and how would I hand in a Caldari Navy Midshipman dogtags and what would be the benefit.
Please don’t just give the usual non descript answers, if you really know then please share.
Hope you can help

They are needed for sone items in the relevant Loyalty Stores as part payment for whichever items you’re buying

Oh OK, I looked down the list of items and all I could see as the cost was an LP value, not LP +x amount of tags?
Do you have specific examples as I couldn’t find any.

Take a look at this page showing the LP store items for the Amarr Navy: You’ll notice some of the blueprints require Sansha tags, while some of the faction weapons require Republic Fleet tags.

In addition, there are old COSMOS missions, for some of which you can turn in tags complete and receive faction ship blueprints.

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Thank you, I obviously hadn’t looked far enough down the list, very helpful, thank you

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It’s entirely possible your filters in the store kept you from seeing them. Good luck out there (unless you’re fighting against the Amarr).

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