What do i do with insignias?

I have :

  • Caldari Navy Captain Insignia I x1
  • Caldari Navy Captain Insignia IV x4
  • Caldari Navy Midshipman Insignia I x32
  • Caldari Navy Midshipman Insignia II x12
  • Caldari Navy Midshipman Insignia III x7
    I’m in Minmatar, I know i could sell them to players, but aren’t there corporations who pay LP or just more ISK for those ?
    Any info is greatly appreciated.

They can be traded, in conjunction with LP, to buy faction modules. Check a faction’s loyalty point store to see how many are required for each item.

how do i do that ?

In a station belonging to the faction, click on the LP Store button, as in pic.

Edit: your Caldari insignia are redeemable in Gallente faction stations

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Ooh ok thank you.

And if you are lazy, you can also just sell them for ISK:

Edit: But you already wrote that. Anyway, now we have an Idea about prices.

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