I know that tags can be handed in with LP for items etc, but I wonder if there is an online resource that tells you how to get certain tags. For example I am doing some data centre missions and I need Angel Copper Tags. Sure I coul dbuy from market but I know that these drop from rats, however can I kill any angel rats with the chance of getting a copper tag or do I need to target specific ones?

Don’t quote me on this, but I believe that the “rarer” the tag, the stronger the NPC. As in, a battleship NPC won’t drop copper tags, for example.

Thanks, that is a starting point at least, ill experiement and see what comes up. Would be nice if CCP bothered to put some info out there rather than “could be valuable if handed in to the right people” or whatever it says. I wonder how much content goes untouched becuase of no, or sparse information.

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You could try Chruker site:

that sadly doesnt tell me how to get specific tag types, its just a list of the ones you can get

all say "this xx tag carries the rank insignia equivalent of a private within the Angel Cartel pirate organization. It may prove valuable if turned in at proper authorities

Pirate tag drops are quite a bit less common than the empire tag drops. Unfortunately, the Data Center missions are very, very old content that is not being actively supported by CCP.

Farming a lot of rats (perhaps in belts in the appropriate Empire Faction space, as the DC agent suggests) is generally necessary to get the desired tag drop.

Edit to add: from some Google searching, drop rate is very low in high sec - farming FOB fleets/anoms might be the easiest high-sec source, or heading into low or null space to get higher drops rates.

Thanks @Mkikaden_Tiragen yeah they are ancient, i was just looking to do something a bit different.

When I searched google all I found was database entries basically saying what the detials of the tags are, ie same info I can get ingame. Perhaps my search criteria was wrong or vague, may I ask what yuor search term was as i found nothing relating to FOBs.

FOBS are of course relatively new content too, so there must have been a way before FOBs

I mostly was reading posts from the old EVE forums that came up on EVE Search when I googled ‘copper tags eve online’.

The various threads suggest that high volumes of kills are needed to get drops in high sec due to the low drop rate, so doing any content that will concentrate forces of the faction can help with grinding them faster (vs waiting for belt rat spawns) - thus the idea of looking at FOB response fleets, or doing appropriate combat anoms, as those are the fastest ways to consistently get large numbers of pirate ships of the desired faction while in high sec space.

I think the most descriptive comment I found was this:
Pirate Dog Tags used at the Data Centers are usually found in Elite Pirate NPC wrecks. The Tags are mainly gained from completing various exploration Cosmic Signature combat sites, sometimes are gained at Cosmic Anomaly combat sites or Asteroid Belts and are rarely gained in regular missions. DED sites also contain NPC’s that drop Pirate Dog Tags.
@DeMichael_Crimson way back in 2012

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Since my name was tagged in this thread…

Soo, the main question of this thread - Which type / rank of Pirate Dog Tag will drop from which type / class of NPC Pirate ship?

I hope that’s correct.

Well, I’m not sure how to find that info but I think the first step is to list the Pirate Dog Tags in the order of their rank equivalents.

Rank + Tag Type
Private = Copper, Bronze
Corporal = Silver, Electrum
Sergeant = Brass, Gold
Lieutenant = Palladium, Platinum
Captain = Crystal, Diamond

So now the second part would be to figure out the hull class associated with that rank… maybe somebody else with better google-fu can figure that part out.

I’m not sure but I think the Tag drop is mostly managed by RNG with the lower rank Tags having a higher drop percentage then the higher rank Tags. I don’t think the Tag rank is based exclusively on location since I’ve gotten different Tag types from NPC’s in High Sec space.

However, it is possible that the NPC’s within systems located around the Data Center sites might have a higher percentage to drop Tags.

Anyway, I still think the best way to complete the Data Center missions is to just purchase the Pirate Dog Tags. The amount of time spent searching for the required amount of Tags could be better spent doing something else that makes ISK. Can easily make more ISK in a short time than what’s actually needed for the Tags.

Wish I could have been more helpful.

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That was indeed helpful, thanks, ill probably go ahead and purchase them but it would have been nice to be able to do it all in game myself.

I can tell you that Angel Extravaganca drops Electrum tags, I got 5 from one mission

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