I created a contract with one of my chars, but it is far away and I dont know the risks if I go get it

The char that is suposed to get the contract is 6 jumps away. I just started the game with it (I am at the second mission). I dont know what risks I would face if I engage on that long journey, or if it will cut my storyline on pve.
Please some advise before 3 days (contract will expire in 3 days).

Assuming you’re in hi-sec - get a cheap frigate, kit it out with a cloak and an MWD, and learn the trick of cloaking at a gate. That way you’ll be too cheap, and too much bother, for the vast majority of gankers to fuss with.

It depends on where you are, but 6 jumps isn’t a ‘long journey’. I regularly do tours of 20+ systems looking for data and relic sites. I come across ‘suspicious’ characters at gates sometimes, but never (yet, touching wood) got caught or even attacked.

…and Rule #1 - Never ever Autopilot !

Thank you. I already did the trip and got the contract. Now I have this problem: Aura keeps telling me to buy the civilian data analyser (which I got by contracting it with another char). It seems she wont go further unless I buy it. So all the trouble of contracting to avoid purchasing seems null.
Do you have any idea on how to make Aura skip that step?

Just buy it unless it is being sold at an artificially high price. If so, buy it from your own alt maybe?

good idea. the problem is I already have it by contracting it (and it took money from me for the broker…).
Let me see if I have another in my 3rd char…

No I mean place a market order, I don’t think contracts will trigger the mission complete

yes i got it: sell it low and purchase with the other char…
I am just putin the blueprint for sale from a 3rd char. But I have this question: This char is in a totaly away system as it is Amarr (the char getting the thing is Caldary). So will I be able to purchase it anyways?

No, both will need to be in the same place (depends a bit on skills) but since you’ll need to pick it up, basically they’ll have to meet.

Just eat your losses and buy near the agent

How much for a civvie blueprint?

It seems it cant be sold. I right click it and there is no “sell” order… In fact if you browse on market, the only sellers are npcs. So I will just buy it from them. :frowning:
It costs 20.000 isk

Yes, there’s no point crying about 20k.

Excuse me for taking more of your time… When I buy something, do I have to travel to the system where the item is sold?

to retrieve it, I mean.

Yep, afraid so, but there are player run freighting services if you have a lot to move or just want the extra safety

Just as in real life, stuff doesnt teleport between places, someone has to move it. Dont be scared about travelling around hisec unless you are carrying above tens or hundreds millions of gear, you are totally safe, like 99% safe.

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