Buying and Selling from a far

Trying to understand the limitations on trading at a distance. The marketing skill states, at level 5, I can remote sell in the current region. So, if I were in Jita, bought some stuff, hired a courier to take it to another station within The Forge, I could setup a sell order in that station - correct? What if I wanted to sell in Dodixie, Amarr or any other station that is not located in The Forge region, can this be done? If so what still is needed. Similar with buy orders, level 5 of procurement states I can setup buy orders within the same region. What if I were in Jita and wanted to buy from Dodixie or any other station outside of The Forge, can this be done?

Nope, the visibility of markets is limited to a region regardless of skills. If you want to set orders in Dodixie you would need to be in Sinq Laison.

Thanks - that explains why when I check the market in Jita, nothing shows up for stations in Sobaseki (for example). It’s only one jump away, but it’s in a different region.

This limitation is wanted and established decades ago, so third level solutions fill the gap: EVE Tycoon is a tool to watch and compare prices and offers in all New Eden.

To go one step further, I primarily look at my characters as long hauling contract (when they are not mining the ore themselves). If you look at contracts, players will pay you to haul a load of goods from point A to point B. One must have the ISK to invest as you are basically putting it on as collateral. Also I never take a contract where the end point is a player made station. They could run a scam and lock you out preventing you from delivery.

Hauling ore shipments in a miasmos is a good investment but it is very risky business. Gate campers will set a lookout on one end and gank you on the other end. I have lost mostly empty miasmos because I set my return to the auto path system. On return it doesn’t matter to me, since I made my ISK. If I am in a hurry to return, I sometimes will sell off the miasmos and return by self destruct.

Jita to Dodixie is easy, you have one “choke point” in 0.5 high security at Uedama, if you auto path the “safe route”. Set your map to display Ships Destroyed in the Last Hour and you will know what trouble awaits. Avoid these systems, if you can. Forge your own routes setting up waypoints instead of blindly accepting what the client tells you is a “safe route”. In any case, learn to use the navigation system.

If you don’t care to be a truck driver in Eve Online, you can always post your contract and set a price to deliver them. Someone like myself, will find it, and get your goods to dock. If they get blown up and stolen, then you have your ISK collateral.

Have fun!