What trade routes do you guys usually use?

I mean, what paths do you take to get items from trade hub A to trade hub B? I’m thinking of doing some trade runs between Jita and Dodixie.

Shortest highsec route.

If I’m going from Dodi to Jita and in a small, fast ship, I’ll go through lowsec and it’s safe to jump out of Tama and saves a few jumps. But never do that going Jita to Dodixie. Jumping from Nourvakiken to Tama is suicide mostly.

However, if hauling, the highsec route goes through Uedama, but I still find it to be the best way,

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Trucking is little people’s work. Every second spent worrying about freightjng is seconds that could be spent irl or doing eve marketing which is the greatest casual isk phr in the game.

Use a freight service to work prices out then half the reward and put it on the free market.

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It’s a game. Things in it are fun for different kinds of people. Why are you not 500 boxing rorqs and making 100bil/h? Chill.


Agree, shortest high sec route. I will sometimes shortcut through lowsec on a deadhead leg, IF the route looks clear on things like Eve Camp. But generally the chokepoints between Jita and Dodixie are permacamped.

Just keep in mind that there will be people scanning you up and down the main pipe. So don’t cram a ton of ISK into a slow barge and expect to survive. Either break the cargo up, or consider alternate routes — like Kassiginen-Yashunen-Tennant-Sivala instead of Kassiginen-Hatakani-Sivala.

Olettiers is not that dangerous, most of the time. Learn MWD/jump trick on T1 hauler or use blockade runner. If you are going to fly Orca or freighter - Uedama al lthe way. Just make sure you joined correspondent intel channels - there are two anti-ganker channels in game.
What I think is a bigger problem is the Dodixie market itself. It is ruled by most stupid traders, IMHO. Even if you see some item selling much higher there, than Jita sell price and you put your offer on Dodixie to be exactly Jita sell price, you will be immidiately 0.01 isked so suddenly the item will be cheapiest in Dodixie. And you will be 0.01 isked no matter what till they force you off the market. So right not there is sometimes problem to buy even ammo in Dodixie, cause those idiots killed the concurence and do not manage to keep up market themselves.

What are those channels?

Shortest direct route through high sec. If hauling high value low volume, I fit a sub-2 second warp ship and check the route ahead of me for gank activity. If moving high volume, I tank up my ship and adjust cargo until it will cost more than my cargo is worth to gank me.

No guarantees, because sometimes people will gank you and take the loss, just for giggles.

I usually use the shortest route with a Buzzard or if 240m3+ then a Crane. I used to see gatecamps in low-sec but didn’t die yet. Perhaps I’ll accept your advice and change to shortest HS route. The problem is that, my daily shortest route is 50 jump and if I change it should be really long the route itself and travel time too.

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