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Ahoy Champions!

I’m looking to expand the services I offer to the Eve Community by tip toeing into the Trade Hub scene.

I’m looking to help revive some low tier regions by offering a centralized located trade hub to serve the locals and welcome travelers.

Red Frog approved Citadel!

Trade Hubs:

For more info head over to https://eveskillboard.com/structures

Slowly but surely I’ll hopefully add more as time goes on, always open to Region suggestions. For any questions feel free to post here, in game or hop on my Discord

How did you decide on Manarq?

I was looking for a highly traveled system with a decent amount of connections. Manarq matched that pretty well, its borders about 5 other regions within 1-3 jumps. Genesis is also a decent region, I looked over stats on a4e and it looked like there was an opportunity.

Manarq is a bit further from the giant LS pockets in Genesis, but hopefully can still help those occupants with some items/orders.

Manarq is also a single jump back to Jita LS entrances, and from Jita its a 2 midpoint route. Pretty easy logistics for JF. For cloaky haulers in 8 jumps through Tama, and HS freighters I think its 14

What kind of help do you need? Financial, logistics?

Are u looking for traders to help u stock the market or what are u looking for

@Miezip_Eclipse @Rihan_Shazih

Well this was mostly an announcement/info thread of a new trade hub and a rolling post for future hubs that I put up. So people know something like this is available in the specific regions.

Sales have actually been better than I though for the odds and ends that I had shipped down from jita.

Traders and region traders are more than welcome to start importing.

I have secured an approved status from Red Frog Freight to deliver to my citadels. Still working up rep with haulers channel and Push

Do you have particular items/doctrines that should be stocked?

So far I’m having success with charges, cyno related items, and mining items. There is an ice belt a few jumps away that seems to draw people in for those mods.

There isn’t much stock of anything in genesis from the items I checked at least, and its right in the middle of a 5 regions high way, so anyone passing by could be looking for most anything.

@Brock_Khans Hit me up in game

I’m excited to announce my 2nd Trade Hub is onlining! and will be up and going in about 12 hours. More details once its online.


Tash-Murkon Prime Trade Fortizar is online! https://eveskillboard.com/structures

Tax in Manarq lowered to .1%, Tash-murkon is also .1%

A good choice for a trade hub is also a system at a dead end. Only 1 entry/exit gate. That way when your corp/alliance is war declared and attacked there is only one gate for your hired mercs to trap their fleets.

Iyen-Oursta Trade Hub is online! Iyen-Oursta - EveSkillboard Trade Hub

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