Ideal trade route?

I am looking for an ideal trade route so I can go to every single region in high sec and update my market orders. I just spent 3 hours in an interceptor zooming to each one, does anyone have an optimized route / know all the border systems?


I’m surely doing something wrong and maybe EVE isn’t for me but I’d like to state that this post has no consequences whatsoever so when I’m looking for short routes through N.E I just go to the map and save all the way points connected to the lines that offer shortcuts that lead to my destinations. There’s also the route filter, I don’t know how efficient it is tho.

But I’m sure I’m not understanding your question correctly and someone else will have a real answer for you but I thought I’d post this here so maybe someone reads it and finds it useful.

Have an alt at each Region looking after the orders there for you. Log out from your “Region A” character, log in with “Region B”. If required you can transfer items between characters directly with private contracts for only the contract creation costs (10k ISK if I remember) after paying someone else for haulage - as you have appreciated, time is valuable - pay someone else for their time.

If required put the character on the boundary between the regions so you can dip in and out quickly before logging over to the next character. A character at Amarr (the trade hub) has access to three other regions within two gates of there (K-Az, Tash-M and Kador). Centre of the Empire!

I haven’t used it extensively but dotlan has a route planner. If you set all the systems you need to visit as waypoints it could help you find a somewhat optimised route. You might just have to juggle your waypoints around.

Starting in Jita, go by Sobaseki to Merolles in Verge Vendor, this will pass Lonetrek, Citadel, Essence, Genesis regions. From Genesis (Tar?) also visit Everyshore.

Continue to Teonosude in Molden, this will pass through Sinq, Metropolis, Heimatar.
From there set course to Jark in Derelik, and on to Molea in Khanid, this will pass through Devoid, Domain and Kor. When in Devoid, you can also visit Bleak region.

Finally, head for Tash Murkon Prime and then back to Jita, passing through Kador.

Might have misse 1 or 2 there.


Jump clones are faster

I cant jump clone to 15 different regions to monkey with buy orders

Not faster than 3 hours. You won’t even be able to clone jump again in 3 hours.

Well I too found myself facing a similar issue and I can share my solution here.
Step 1: Click Autopilot settings.
Step 2: click Optimize route.

Thank you!



Rancer is a good base.

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