Closed, route bought

closed, route bought

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Best route is through character creation.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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I don’t want to make 30 characters

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Then you don’t want to be a trader.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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Do you need a station in each region I guess?

I have 102 to 105 jumps route depending on the answer.

Send me half the isk, I will then send you the route and you can pay the other half.

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no stations, I’m doing regional buy orders. I just need to get into each region.

Do you want the route?

and then he learns if he sets all the routes as waypoints he can click the “optimize route” button which will calculate the most efficient route.

Will take my 500m

Yes please send me an in game message

This doesn’t work mate, I don’t know which systems to set my route to. If you do it randomly for 1 system in each region your route ends up being 200+ jumps

set it in clusters. per region. usually after 8 waypoints the equation takes long times and becomes less accurate. So just set it by regions, do amarr, then so on. This will definitely be the best way to do this.

This will take a long time of trial and error, which is why I’m just going to pay someone else to do it for me.

If you really think it’s easy do it, send me a message and if you get the shortest route I’ll pay you the bounty.

I highly doubt this would work. The problem is essentially the travelling saleman problem, which the only known solution to find the optimal route is brute force. There amount of permutations would be far too large to calculate of this specific situation.

@agent I’m on the test server, atm, I’ll drop you a message later.

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The auto optimize feature is definitely good for sub 8 waypoint jumps and works well. You’d just have to set up the shifting from region to region in an efficient way. I’d also mention that it may be worth investing if that region in question is worth playing, which requires a lot of trial and thought. In theory, the high traffic systems will play for raw distribution, where the rest will play for larger per item gross income. The question is, if the regions specifically support the sales or not.

This, coming from you of all people, is hilarious. Despite having nothing against the original poster I almost hope it works.

I love this, I want to try to figure it out by actually going to all these places, but there is a bit of a time issue, I don’t have much lately.

When I was new I made a route around the entire cluster, it took two hours just to make sure I wasn’t missing any of the outer systems. When I asked Eve to optimize my route for me it gave me a warning…
I did not need this warning and after an hour or two Eve crashed.
Since then I have made the trip, I did it in a Probe and it took a LONG time, I selected each system manual y, and stopped off to look at things and take pictures. I also got very very confused when I found Jovian space, you know, where CCP hides from us, the unwashed masses? I didn’t know they had their own space and I wasted a lot of time trying to sneak in.

Anyhow, I like your project a lot, but I have a question, is it possible to export or copy and paste a route?

You can make routes with Dotlan. Google ‘Dotlan’ and it will appear. You can build and share routes with it, it’s also a lot easier than trying with the in game map.

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When will you be online? (in game time) . I have a way to do this without risk for either of us, but it would take a while over messages. It will be much easier to use a private chat in game.