Thinking about moving mfg ops from Dodixie to Amarr

I’m thinking about moving mfg ops from Dodixie to Amarr to get access to higher volume.

Dealing only in T1 for foreseeable future.

Good, bad, neutral idea?

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If you can deal with the higher competition and order update rate.

What is MFG Ops?


“manufacturing operations”

Why not Jita? Jita is the only market left with enough volume of everything.

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Why indeed.

Well…I picked Dodixie when I was new to Eve because I thought “security by obscurity” and so it has generally been for me as a solo industrialist. So, my question is sort of which is the best-fit/right-size market? Maybe that’s not even a useful question to ask, hence my open question “good, bad, neutral?”

I was starting in Dodixie too, but soon moved to Jita (my base is in Perimeter) and never looked back. I can multi-buy my inputs at competitive prices and have public complexes to build stuff nearby. The sometimes better prices in Amarr come at the cost of much less liquidity (a magnitude). You just sell more in Jita or you sell at all.

So, moving to Amarr is certainly an improvement, but I would go straight for the top.

Regarding security, this is totally made up by you. Using insta-bookmarks, avoid choke points with expensive cargo (don’t freight through Jita-Perimeter gate, take a detour), etc.

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Jita > Amarr > Dodixie > Rens/Hek (even their space is rusty)

If you’re moving from Dodixie to Amarr, you’ll see an improvement. If you move to Jita, you’ll definitely see an improvement, but you also risk seeing everything you’ve built get destroyed in a single gank.

I like @Tipa_Riot’s setup. Perimeter is right next door to Jita, so it shows up on the same market and everything. But you can operate out of a Citadel, which means Tether protection for anyone undocking with goods.

If you decide to go to Amarr, I’d actually go to Ashab instead. It’s the same thing, Citadels right next door.


Thanks for the tips.

With respect to security, I’ve taken the conservative route as far as I can…including offgrid insta-undocks etc…

I guess the thing that can’t easily be determined is if my game-time remains constant, would the need to price more frequently cancel out any increase in revenue?

You have to try, if it works for you. But sometimes I can just dump my outcome to buy orders because of the smaller spread.

“you have to try…”

And therein is my dilemma. I’ve accumulated a large body of raw materials which won’t easily or cheaply be transported so far. This makes this a fairly big decision to take the time to sell-off stuff in Dodixie and gradually rebuild in Jita environs.

As Sid Meier would say “interesting choices.”

I use Hauler’s Channel to move my supplies. Put the proper collateral + 15%, pay decent rewards and let them take all the risk. My manu ops are within 5 jumps of Jita, so it’s not that expensive to ship my goods back and forth and have excess to the best market.

I do the same, and build in the middle of nowhere.

Lower system indexes are worth it, especially given that I often perform multiple production steps (e.g. for capital modules, build T1 25000mm plate, build tungsten carbide armor plates, build T2 25000mm plate, build faction version from that)

I don’t typically use hauler channel, however. Public contracts get the job done cheaper.

Every now and again a hauler has an accident, but that is their problem not mine. And it’s actually pretty rare, I’ve only ever had one person lose an expensive cargo (4400m of stock collateralized at 5300m).

Haulers channel is to advertise and get public contracts done. Not to be confused with the professional trucker companies like pushx and the frogs.

I’m talking about just posting the contracts and doing no real promotion on them. HC generally encourages its participants to ask higher rates.

I’ll often post 6 contracts at bad rates (ones that would be laughed at in HC - example, 16 highsec jumps including Uedama, 60000m^3, 2.7b collat, 22m fee) and then the next day check and see 4 of 6 are done.

I was multiple times laughed at in haulers channel for my contracts, but things got done. Posting there doesn’t hurt.

Tipa and Sabriz,

Have either of you had success building out of a generally private EC and getting a public hauler to be willing to take the contract? If so, any advice?

I mostly do my own hauling. But the reason is opsec and timing. You can use public contracts to ship to an NPC station in system.

People won’t take contracts to not well known structures, and I would not risk issuing one publically. If it fails for whatever reason, your are marked as a scammer.

The source would be a private EC and the destination a NPC or easily recognizable trusted public EC.

My idea would be to leave on permanent escrow (with somebody like @Elizabeth_Norn) a large amount as insurance against being unable to do the pickup.

This sounds too complicated for daily business. Why not just put the stuff in an NPC station for pickup?


Ideas like that are why you are paid the big bucks around here!