Please. Need help with quest!

I am having a trouble with a lvl2 amarr cosmos mission. here is the quest description
Roam the asteroid belts in this constellation until you find something that belongs to him. One thing the rumors state is that, in a gesture of sardonic spite, he bestows members of his inner circle with duplicates of his family’s dynasty rings, indistinguishable from the real thing by anyone who’s not a specialist in Arachnan family crests and symbols. Perhaps if you found one of these rings we would have more luck in convincing the Lord his brother is out there terrorizing his own family’s heartlands.

So what i need is a dynasty ring from mining belt rats but i already killed like 200 of them but no ring drop. i dont know what to do.

I only did the Gallente Cosmos mission ring, but there is a similar mission. After several days of beltratting I found a contract in Perimeter selling the item, so I could finish that maledict mission :japanese_ogre:

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I tried to email you in game; but your character shows as having entered Doomheim.

So, send me an email on which ever character you’re using. :slight_smile: . I have a couple of spares I acquired, I can contract you one and you can see if it fits the bill. One is in Amarr, the other is in Zimse.

The item is called a Dynasty Ring, as I’ve not done any of the Cosmos Missions, I’m guessing from your description this is what you’re looking for.

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I’ve not done the COSMOS Mission, but as a general pointer: it may be that the rat you are looking for isn’t listed in your overview because it’s a special of some sort. It’s always worth having an Overview tab set to show “all” and update it every now and then. I’ve been caught like that before in a mission.

And I didn’t half feel a chump pointlessly shooting everything I could see…


Thank you. Yes its called dynasty Ring. i tried to find it in cintracts but they cost like 50 mil a piece and as a new player I dint have that much money.

My character name is Akar Zateki. It would realy help if you could contract me one but 11 million is my whole budget right now so…

Contract is up.

Welcome to EVE.


Hi just wandering if you happen to have anymore of those dynasty rings? im struggling to find it