Akemon's cosmos mission

Whilst the title is specific to Akemon’s I’m annoyed at any mission that has the issue of singular daily drops after downtime. Downtime is in the middle of my working day, for some its in the middle of the night. There shouldn’t be a game mechanic which has a singular spawn per day which favours those groups around then to farm the drop, in Akemons case the Myrkai’s Data Chip, which is currently selling for about 800mil on contracts.

Looking back on forums many have complained about this mechanic, its a simple thing to fix, just have the item respawn, hourly, ideally. Its ridiculous to give players an advantage because of their time zone.


sorry but for people outside the loop it is not easy to understand your problem
do you mean that the loot is usually better after dt for these missions? and which evidence do you have that it is really the case?
because we have previously heard about feelings which were actually not supported by numbers and facts

OP is talking about that many COSMOS missions require mission items that spawn after dt which are usually farmed right away thus as it is not his tz he has not much of a chance to acquire one besides the usually way overpriced contract market offers.


Yes this, I just came on here to moan tbh. It’s just such a ridiculous mechanic, clearly ccp don’t care to fix this one as people have complained about it for quite a few years now

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I understand what you are talking about, to an extent, for me dt is at 11pm so still doable for me.

I remember when i was doing caldari cosmos missions and needed a hat i believe it was, thos spawn twice a day. First one after dt and the second one a few minutes after the first one is collected (as i found out while trying to get it) Anyway, i had to log off in space in order to beat the player that was farming them. Had been competing with that player for like 3 or 4 dt’s before. I also am of opinion those spawn rates should change.

I have heard more then a few players mention that cosmos missions are “broken” as they have not been touched since they were implemented into the game. I never confirmed that thought.

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